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Addictive Phone Apps

02 Jul Addictive Phone Apps

According to research, 91% of millennials say that they have a healthy relationship with their phones. They claim that these devices have contributed immensely to building better relationships with family and friends, networking, and helping to maintain a better work-life balance. But studies also show that young people use their phones up to 150 times per day.

What’s interesting is that the technical definitions of addiction don’t necessarily apply to excessive smartphone use. People often pop open apps as a way of wasting time. Going by surveys, social networking apps, and games rank as the top favourites among users. People usually access them when they see a notification or have free time.

However, there are certain apps, mostly games, that can captivate a user’s attention and can keep them engaged for hours at a time. Here are three.

Online Casino Apps

Playing online casino games is all the rage. While people used to go to hubs like Las Vegas and Atlantic City for a premium gaming experience, today, most choose to play on their phones at online casinos. These sites provide perfect mobile compatibility and they even have dedicated apps that help the games load faster and claim the best casino rewards with ease.

The online gaming industry is booming, and online casinos are leading the way. One of the reasons why these platforms are so popular is their library of games. Many sites feature thousands of titles and many different diverse gambling options. If slots aren’t to a player’s liking, he can partake in some live table action. Having access to so much variety is addictive. On top of this many slots provide the opportunity for different sized wins by landing hundreds of different winning combinations.

Words with Friends 2 

Zynga is a San Francisco-based company, known to many players for its highly popular Facebook game – FarmVille. It also likes to boast stats of tens of millions of people playing their games at any given time. Especially when it comes to Words with Friends. And, while the numbers they provide are impressive, what is equally staggering is that the popularity of this franchise has held steady for years now.

This is a word puzzle game that is free to play (with ads) and difficult to master. A player can go up against fictional characters in Solo Challenge events or test their rapid word building skills in a Lightning Round. A few years back this game ranked as the 7th most used app in the world. Proving that it’s one that you can get easily immersed in.

All That Remains: Part 1

Another puzzle game. What’s there to say, they’re great and super-addictive. This is a first-person, point-and-click game that’s chock full of clever riddles. Players wake up in an old emergency bunker and have to escape its many rooms before something terrible happens.

The game features fantastic graphics, an intriguing storyline, superb voice acting, and a stirring soundtrack. Add to this the mind-twisting puzzles and you get a game that’s easy to pick up but difficult to put down.

Final Thoughts

There’s no denying the fact that mobile phones will be a part of our future. After all, mobile usage keeps increasing due to the fact that these devices make it easier for us to navigate around all of the everyday obligations and even have fun in the process.

As time passes by, smartphones will likely come with better performances and maybe unlock new doors for use; some that we never even thought are possible. But, the only thing that we can do to find out is wait.