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15 Quirky Personalised Gifts Perfect For Valentine’s Day

21 Jan 15 Quirky Personalised Gifts Perfect For Valentine’s Day

No matter how cringe you think it is, Valentine’s Day is all about expressing your affection. Whether you are keeping date night lowkey this year or are planning a romantic getaway with your significant other, the gift experts at Find Me A Gift have identified some of the most popular personalised gifts for 2022 from champagne bottles to naming your own star.

Personalised Music Streaming Poster – £11.99 to £14.99

A great gift for all the music lovers out there. Create your very own Spotify-inspired streaming poster complete with you and your partners name, song and picture to bring your latest masterpiece to life.

Lovers Name A Star Gift Set – £24.99

Nothing says ‘romance’ quite like the stars. So why not name your own? A great gift for both the men and women in your life, this gift set allows you to name two stars so that your names are forever in the universe. 

Personalised Mirrored Jewellery Box – £24.99

If you are looking to treat the special woman in your life, a personalised mirror jewellery box could be the perfect option. Practical and sentimental, this gift is bound to leave a smile on your partners face. 

Personalised Vinyl Record Clock – £29.99

Show someone how much you care with a personalised vinyl record clock. Select a meaningful song title, artist and colour (to match your home decor!) Afterall, the most precious gift is the gift of time!

Personalised Old Fashioned Sweet Shop – £19.99

This is one for all the sweet-toothed out there. If your partner is partial to a sweet or two, then this personalised old fashioned sweet shop is the perfect gift. Containing all the classic favourites including Flying Saucers, Love Hearts and Cola Bottles, you can’t go wrong! They’re also great to share!

Personalised Photo Cube Keepsake Box – £19.99

Another gift for those who value sentiment. This personalised photo cube keepsake box is the perfect gift if you want to give something outside of the box (no pun intended)! Use it to store jewellery or other sentimental items such as confetti from your wedding day.

Personalised Morse Code Mug – £9.99 

Have you ever wanted to share something with your partner via morse code? Well, now you can! Leave his or her brain racking as they try to figure out the message behind the code. Be as soppy or are X-rated as you please!

Personalised Always With You Bracelet – £19.99

If you’re looking to gift your partner something that is both personalised, sentimental and affordable, consider this “Always With You” bracelet. Complete with a black or grey suede strap and rose gold tag engraved with either of your initials, this bracelet is the perfect token of appreciation. 

Personalised Engraved Wine – £24.99

When in doubt, choose wine. This wine bottle has a twist to it – you can engrave it with you and your partners names. With 3 designs to choose from, you can select the perfect pattern for the occasion! 

Personalised Football Shirt Cushion – £14.99

Dating or married to a football fanatic? There’s a gift for that! Whether your partner is football mad and enjoys spending time in his or her ‘man’ cave or you’re willing to give up your nicely decorated living room for a bit of timeless fun, this personalised football shirt cushion is the ideal gift. 

Personalised Couples Colouring Poster – £11.99 to £14.99

Nothing says ‘you’ time quite like a bit of colouring in! These personalised couples colouring posts allow you to order you and yours partners initial in a colourful print and frame that can then be further personalised to your taste through getting your colouring pens and pencils out.

Personalised ‘You Are One In A Melon’ Mug – £12.99

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt, it’s that you can never have too many mugs in the cupboard! Show your partner how much they mean to you with this personalised ‘One In A Melon’ mug!

Personalised Heart Letterbox Chocolate Hug – £19.99

If you’re unable to be with your partner this Valentine’s Day, this personalised heart letterbox chocolate hug is the perfect gift to show you’re still thinking of them. And who doesn’t love chocolate?!

Personalised Coordinates Cufflinks – £19.99 

Why not treat the special man in your life to a pair of personalised coordinate cufflinks? Perfect to commemorate a special place in your lives, such as where you got married or where you bought your first home, there really are no limits!

Boxed Bottle of Personalised Champagne – £39.99

If your partner isn’t a lover of wine, why not gift them a boxed bottle of personalised champagne instead?