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You could win up to £10,000 in Colchester street hunt 

18 Jul You could win up to £10,000 in Colchester street hunt 

by Matthew Martino

Street Hunt is an artist led treasure hunt around Colchester, with the chance to win up to £10,000, that is open to everyone to enter.

Artist Joshua Sofaer has written a poem using street names from the oldest town in Britain and will publish a book of photographs with a different street sign and its surroundings on each page – but with the names removed. Participants need to work out what the missing names are and complete the poem in the book. The first person to submit a correctly completed book wins the cash prize.

The prize will be the amount of total book sales with a guaranteed minimum of £1,000 and could be as much as £10,000 if all 1,000 books are sold for the full price of £100!

Street Hunt creator Joshua Sofaer explained ‘It seems especially appropriate to hold Street Hunt in Colchester, Britain’s oldest town. The challenge is a kind of visual crossword puzzle, a treasure hunt where the riches are road names and a story emerges from the page.”

Street Hunt is presented by Colchester Arts Centre as part of the town’s Roman River Festival.