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Wickford man is celebrating his £9.3m Lotto Jackpot win

28 Mar Wickford man is celebrating his £9.3m Lotto Jackpot win

A dad of three from Wickford can call a halt to his job hunt after his Lucky Dip ticket matched all six numbers to scoop the £9,339,858 Lotto Jackpot on Saturday (24 March).

Paul Long (55) is putting his life-changing win down to Leyton Orient’s home win on Saturday afternoon. A lifelong fan, Paul decided his teams win was a lucky omen and celebrated by buying a Lucky Dip ticket for that night’s Lotto draw. Paul said:

“I try to go to most home games and this was our first win since before Christmas so I was feeling pretty chuffed, not half as chuffed as I’m feeling now!”

A father to three grown-up children, Paul recently moved into a new rented home in Wickford. Out of work for some time due to health issues, he was readying himself for a job hunt when he saw his emails on Sunday morning. He said:

“When I saw the email on Sunday morning from Camelot I thought it would be a few quid but when I logged into my account the account balance was still £3.90. Then I saw another message which I thought was congratulating me on a £9,000 win and to call the number on the screen.

“When I called I think I must have misheard the lady on the line because she congratulated me on a jackpot win and while she confirmed a £9million win, I think I must have still been in denial as I still thought it was £9,000. I was well happy and thought that would ease things as I started the job hunt.”

Still sure that he was a jackpot winner of £9,000 Paul rang his mate to share the good news. When he explained he’d won the jackpot, his friend was able to advise him it was not nine grand but more than £9million and the job hunt could be put on hold permanently.