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The Only Way is Bressex writes Mia Dawson

26 Jul The Only Way is Bressex writes Mia Dawson

I can’t help but think why the rest of the UK mocks Essex so much, is it perhaps the fact that we are responsible for the extensive growth of reality TV or is it perhaps the fact that only in Essex it’s acceptable to drop out of school, spend months in a tanning salon, have a boob job then appear on a reality show and live on that fame ….

The U.K. is in some of its most challenging times as our new premier Theresa May is tasked with negotiated a good exit package for the UK from the European Union and seemingly this will dictate the future for our young people and generations to come.

Now given that a vast majority of Essex voted OUT during the EU Referendum election isn’t it rather astonishing that less than a sixty days later there is no real interest in this very exciting issue in Essex instead locals are more worried about the new series of TOWIE with some both young and old taking to social media to support a reality series rather than supporting the future of our country.

Needless to say, The Only Way Is Brexit in my mind but as a lifelong Benfleet resident I suppose The Only Way is Essex for the time being..