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UK-based actor Omar Shaker is being compared to a young Ray Winstone

02 Apr UK-based actor Omar Shaker is being compared to a young Ray Winstone

There’s certainly no shortage of skilled actors who have the honest experience and “look” of someone who is very familiar with the harder side of the streets. Upcoming actor Omar Shaker is arguably the living embodiment of this vision, coming to film after two decades of working some of the toughest doors as a proud Cockney bouncer, not one to run from a tussle. In exciting news, Omar’s management team Bettys and Dudes Agency recently announced Shaker will be featured in a small role in the upcoming release “Red Devil”, which features top A-list stars. The excitement surrounding the project is high.

“It means a great deal to me knowing I have gone from being a bouncer at 15 years old to now working side-by-side, with amazing acting talent,” commented Shaker. “I’m looking forward to continuing my career as an actor, and all the comments about me being an ‘upcoming star’ certainly help to keep the motivation and spirits high.”

In addition to being a skilled performer, Shaker is a professional globally-published, and in-demand fashion photographer, along with also being a filmmaker. All aspects of a modern-day renaissance man, who some would say come from one of the most unlikely backgrounds.

Expect more roles in even bigger products from Shaker in the near future as his reputation only continues to spread and grow. He plans to also not miss any good opportunities expressing his artistic side in photography and directing films as well.

“Red Devil” is set to be released in the coming months, and was directed and written by Savvas D. Michael. The film has been described as “An intertwining tale of danger and woe”, and has aspects of a comedy, crime movie, and drama all working together in synergy.