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Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Rambo: First Blood’

23 Jun Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Rambo: First Blood’

Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Rambo: First Blood’

1. Real-Life Danger
During the filming of Rambo: First Blood, as many as 50 firearms were stolen, along with the production’s firearm transport vehicle. Following this, the Canadian Royal Mounted Police and Canadian Military had to be drafted on to set for protection.

2. Rambo Apples
The name ‘Rambo’ was originally inspired by a cultivar of apples known as the Rambo apple, which in turn are likely named after Peter Gunnarsson Rambo. The name ‘Rambo’ also reminded Morrell of the way that Rimbaud’s name is pronounced. Morrell had been studying Rimbaud at the time and felt that his poem ‘A season in Hell’ captured the essence of Rambo’s character.

3. Military Mimicry
The soundtrack to the film, is scored by Jerry Goldsmith and features prominent Canadian Singer/Songwriter Dan Hill on the track ‘It’s a Long Road’, which plays at the very end of the film. ‘It’s a Long Road has become the de-facto theme tune of the Rambo franchise and is used in every Rambo Film. The rest of the soundtrack is evocative of militaristic signals on the bugle, otherwise known as ‘taps’.

4. Stallone’s Schedule
Before a long 12 hour day of filming for Rambo First Blood, Stallone would begin the day with a 2-3 hour workout. But Stallone wouldn’t stop there, having another 2-3 hour workout after filming had finished for the day, which gave him a mere 6 hours leftover to sleep.

5. Custom Survival Knife
Rambo’s now infamous knife was a custom-made piece from knifemaker Jimmy Lile. The survival blade was 14″ long, with teeth on the back which could be used to cut through wood or meat. The handle was hollow to allow room for survival essentials like nylon fishing line, hooks, and matches.

6. Real Villagers In The Background
Many of the extras used in the film were real locals who had been left unemployed by the closure of the nearby mill. The extra’s real names were even used in the film!

7. Pacino’s Penchant for Violence
Al Pacino was considered for the role of John Rambo before Stallone ultimately landed the role. In keeping with David Morrell’s original novel, Pacino wanted the character of John Rambo to be even more unhinged and violent. Pacino ultimately turned down the role when his vision for the character of Rambo was turned down by executives.

8. Good Guy Or Bad Guy?
Despite Rambo’s reputation of being a killing machine, he actually only kills one person (indirectly) in First Blood. This was a deliberate choice in order to make Rambo a more sympathetic character to the audience, rather than an all-out bad guy.

9. Changing Name
The film was initially released in the U.S. with the name ‘First Blood’, before being renamed ‘Rambo: First Blood’ for international markets. In some countries, the film was released simply as ‘Rambo’.

10. Straight From the Horse’s Mouth
By his own admission, First Blood writer David Morrell actually preferred the film over his original novel.