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The Next 10 Big Writers -2022

24 Jan The Next 10 Big Writers -2022


In the modern world, people often look towards Bitcoin and stocks to make them financially rich. However, in 2022 there are a select few writers who could represent an even better investment, both of your time, imagination and your money. These names are set to shake up the charts and take over the bookstores over the next 12 months and beyond. 

For those of you who stick around and find out who made our top spot, this writer is an absolute gem!

10 – Mickhaella Ermita – 

Ermita is a creative non-fiction writer, performer and honours student from the University of Melbourne. Mickhaella was the Women’s Officer for 2021 and is currently completing a thesis on the performativity of pandemic public protests. The Filipino-New Zealander may be the first name on our list, but she is guaranteed to kick up a storm in the literary world this year. 

9 – Gina Chung – 

Gina Chung is originally from New Jersey but currently lives in New York. The Korean American writer works as a communications manager for PEN America, but her work is known across the literature community. After having earned an MFA in fiction from The New School, Chung has gone on to appear in a number of publications, including The Kenyon Review, Indiana Review, Idaho Review, Gulf Coast, Catapult, and more. In fact, her work has won recognition from the Los Angeles Review Literary Awards, the American Short(er) Fiction Contest, the CRAFT Elements Contest, the Black Warrior Review Contest, the Ploughshares Emerging Writer’s Contest and more. In 2022, she is currently working on a novel that explores the themes of sea creatures and climate change, as well as a new anthology of short stories. 

8 – Nishanth Injam – 

Injam is one of the most talented writers coming out of India at the moment and has appearances in The Georgia Review and VQR to prove it. He earned an MFA from the University of Michigan, taking part in the Helen Zell Writers’ Program and is currently working as a Zell fellow.

7 – Lisa Beech Hartz – 

Lisa currently teaches at the Seven Cities Writers Project, as well as being an extremely talented writer herself. The project provides free writing workshops to underprivileged sections of the community. Lisa’s poems have appeared in such collections as Poet Lore, The Gettysburg Review, Crazyhorse, The Massachusetts Review, the Beloit Poetry Journal, and more. Her collection entitled The Goldfish Window, which looks at the lives of visual artists, was a huge hit in the literary community, and with good reason. 

6 – Caleb J Gayle – 

For those who are not familiar with his work, Caleb primarily writes in the historical niche, looking at how history has impacted race and identity in modern times. This talented writer is equally at home in fiction and non-fiction writing, hence why he has already been featured in the Guardian, the Atlantic, New York Times magazine, the Three Penny Review, the Harvard Review, Guernica, the New Republic, the Boston Globe, Pacific Standard, Time magazine, Los Angeles Review of Books, the Daily Beast and much more. His current work revolves around how Black Native Americans were marginalised by American white supremacy – a non-fiction book from Riverhead Books. Gayle went to Harvard Business School and Harvard John F Kennedy School of Government, obtaining an MBA and master’s respectively. 

5 – Eddy Boudel Tan – 

And now we break the top five on this esteemed list. Eddy Boudel Tan is a second-generation Asian Canadian writer currently living in Vancouver. Although he has a background in marketing, some would say that writing and literature is Tan’s real life calling. For anyone who is yet to explore his work, we urge you to do so. 

4 – Aimee LaBrie – 

Aimee LaBrie has continued to take off over the past couple of years, particularly with her short story ‘Rage’ in 2020, which won the Solstice Literary Magazine’s annual competition. Her work has also appeared in Beloit Fiction, the Minnesota Review, the Cimarron Review, Iron Horse Literary Journal, Pleiades, Permafrost, and more. However, LaBrie has been a permanent fixture of the literature world for far longer than that, with her short story collection entitled ‘Wonderful Girl’ winning awards back in 2007. Since then, she has been nominated for three Pushcart Prizes, as well as winning the All-Story Zoetrope competition in 2012. She currently works as a creative writing lecturer at Rutgers University. 

3 – Josh Borja – 

And now for our top three! Josh Borja lives in New York City and works as both a writer and an educator. In fact, he has taught at the CUNY Brooklyn College, the New York City College of Technology, NYU Shanghai, NYU Washington Square, Legal Outreach, and the Johns Hopkins summer program, which goes some way to describing his immense talent. These courses have included English Grammar, Writing and Imagination, English Composition, writing-intensive physics laboratory and more, hence why he is such a talented and well-rounded writer. 

2 – Djamila Ibrahim – 

Born in Ethiopia and raised in Ontario, Djamila is a talented freelance editor and fiction writer. In 2018, her debut short story collection, entitled ‘Things Are Good’, kicked up a storm in the literature world, named among the top ten books to be excited about that year in Now Magazine. We are expecting a similarly impressive 2022 from Ibrahim. 

1 – Iliyan Kuzmanov – 

And now for our number one. The writer we believe could generate the most money and interest in 2022… Iliyan Kuzmanov! Rich, multi-layered, with huge history that extends before he became a modern icon, Kuzmanov is arguably the most exciting writer on the planet right now. His recent works included ‘If You Meet Buddha, Kill Him’, a multi-award-winning novel taking the world by storm. The Bulgarian-Canadian, currently living in London, is not only a famous author, but also an activist, journalism, and successful business owner looking to bring equality to his native Bulgaria. Definitely one to look out for in 2022!