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The Chelmsford ‘BANKSY’ – mystery revealed

06 Sep The Chelmsford ‘BANKSY’ – mystery revealed

Over the last two months Chelmsford Residents, visitors and ‘graffiti experts’ have puzzled over the sudden appearance on July 16th of a ‘Banksy-like- mural on a shop wall in Tindal Street, Chelmsford.

The striking images provoked a storm of excitement, interest and comment on social media with claims that the celebrated and reclusive ‘street artist’ himself had been caught in the act by a passerby followed by much comment and speculation from experts and others on its authenticity and its meaning?

Further interest was then raised when “Chelmsford FOR YOU” was added more recently to the existing “Banksy”

This was perhaps the best clue as to who was responsible.

One Chelmsford BID (Business Improvement District) an organisation tasked with highlighting the many attractions of this vibrant city have confessed their involvement.

The artwork had been commissioned by the BID and was created by Danny Bench a professional mural artist based in Chelmsford. Its appearance was part of a ‘teaser’ campaign to raise public awareness of the ‘For You’ marketing initiative – a cooperative venture involving the City Council together with many businesses and organisations, developed to promote Chelmsford to residents and visitors.

The ‘Chelmsford For You’ campaign was successfully launched on Saturday 31st August with a citywide celebration of events, displays and activities.

‘ We were stunned by the excitement and speculation that the mural created’, commented Mike Wray, Chelmsford BID Manager, ‘ it certainly helped generate some interest in the lead up to the ‘Chelmsford For You’ campaign launch. I think every town/city would like a genuine ‘Banksy’ to appear – sadly not the case this time but it certainly showcased the more local talents of Danny Bench!’