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Teams to Watch Out for in Euro 2020

06 Jul Teams to Watch Out for in Euro 2020

After being cancelled last year, the long-awaited Euro 2020 is finally upon us. This incredible event brings with it an enormous number of extremely talented players and well put together teams. However, there are a handful of teams that you will want to watch above the rest, and this article aims to highlight exactly who.

What to Know About the Euro 2020

There are some things that you are going to need to know about the Euro, especially if you are planning on betting live on the Euro 2020 games. The games started on the 11th of June and will continue until the 11th of July. The incredible tournament will take place across 11 host cities across Europe for the first time in its history, and all 51 matches will be televised across the world.

Who’s Playing

There are a total of 24 teams playing in this incredible event, all divided into six groups of four. The teams that can be found in each group are as follows:

Group A. Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, Wales.

Group B. Belgium, Russia, Denmark, Finland.

Group C. Ukraine, Netherlands, Austria, North Macedonia.

Group D. England, Croatia, Czech Republic, Scotland.

Group E. Spain, Poland, Sweden, Slovakia.

Group F. Germany, France, Portugal, Hungary.

Obviously, certain groups are more dangerous than the rest, with group F particularly earning the nickname “The Group of Death” for its incredibly stiff competition.

Who to Watch Out for

With all these incredible teams playing, who exactly should you be looking to for the potential winners of the tournament in the days to come.


The frighteningly strong team that Germany has put together is definitely going to be a key player in the games to come; with players like Mats Hummels and Joshua Kimmich, the incredible team is sure to put in some incredible plays, even with the rough start they’ve experienced so far in the iconic “Group of Death”.


Similarly, France is an incredibly skilled team. Already crowned the world champions, the incredible French team is considered one of the favourites to take the Euro home as well, and with players like Kylian Mbappe and Paul Pogba, it isn’t hard to see why either.


The favourite to win this competition, one of the main advantages that England has this year is that both the semi-final and final matches will be played in Wembley stadium. England rarely loses in its home stadium, which means that as long as the lions last that long, they will have quite the advantage when it comes to their final matches.


The defending champions, Portugal, are an incredibly strong team, and many reckon that there is a solid chance that they will be taking the trophy home once again. However, facing up against France and Germany in “The Group of Death” will be no mean feat, which means it’ll all come down to performance.


They might be an outside bet, going 15 years without winning an international trophy, but Italy has been performing extremely well so far, and they seem to be going from strength to strength with a sight to end that 15-year streak finally.