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Southend Airport introduces traffic management system to support sustainable growth

24 Jun Southend Airport introduces traffic management system to support sustainable growth

London Southend Airport is introducing a new traffic management system, as it prepares to welcome 2.5 million passengers a year by the end of 2019.

In order to reduce congestion and ensure a safe passenger experience, the existing no stopping zones (currently marked by double yellow lines) on the approach roads to the airport will be monitored and regulated from Monday 1 July*.

Glyn Jones, CEO of Stobart Aviation said “As the airport grows, the approach roads will inevitably get busier. This could become dangerous if there are lots of vehicles stopping illegally on those roads, and that could lead to road traffic accidents. We are taking this action to avoid this situation.”

“We urge passengers to make use of the 15 minutes free option in the Long Stay 3 car park, which is just a 150m walk from the terminal doors. We are proud to be the only London airport to provide a free drop off/pick up option just a few minutes’ walk from the terminal and we encourage our passengers to use this facility, help prevent congestion and keep their fellow travelers safe.”

Prominent signage advising drivers of the importance of complying with the existing highway restrictions is now being installed throughout the relevant areas, and the current double yellow lines are being replaced with red lines.
From Monday 1 July, a dedicated vehicle with onboard mobile CCTV and Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) equipment, operated by specialist airport traffic management company Vehicle Control Services, will be monitoring the roads. Any vehicles that stop on the ‘Red Route’ may incur a charge of up to £100.

Glyn Jones, CEO of Stobart Aviation, said “We need to ensure we continue to deliver a great passenger experience so that we remain the easiest to use of all the London airports. Keeping London Southend safe for passengers and free of congestion is all part of our wider strategy for delivering an airport that is ready for sustainable growth and the smart choice for travelers.”