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@DeanomusicUK says “I’ll always sing and never give up” in candid interview

06 Sep @DeanomusicUK says “I’ll always sing and never give up” in candid interview

Deano Boroczky, first picked up a microphone while browsing the shops along Worthing high street two years ago – spontaneously taking part in an open mic event to entertain passer-bys.

The soulful singer songwriter won over so many hearts during his stint on the voice and is now working on his EP album … We had a chat with him.
Q.What memories do you have from The Voice?

DB: I have so many memories from The Voice but my blind audition will live with me forever. 50,000 people applied for the show but only around 200 people was selected to sing in front of the celebrity coaches so i just felt incredibly grateful to have got that far, whatever the outcome. To have Paloma and Ricky turn around was such an amazing feeling. I remember my face lighting up like a kid at Christmas and feeling in complete disbelief.

Q.How the musical journey now going?

DB:  I’m still gigging every now again but I’m trying not to take on to much as I’m primarily focusing on writing my EP. I have recently set up a crowdfunding page through pledge music so that people who have been supporting me can make a pledge to help fund my EP album. For every pledge made there will be rewards. (I have left a link if you want to add it).

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Q.How do you juggle being a dad, working and music?

DB: I have to try and find a healthy balance or else it wouldn’t be possible. My daughter is a massive fan so she really enjoys the music. In fact I think one day she will follow my foot steps. She has a beautiful voice.


Q.You got into the scene through open mic, what are your thoughts on the various open mic events across the country?

DB: Open mics are a great opportunity to showcase your talent. Before I began singing at open mics I had zero confidence. People have been really supportive whilst on the open mic scene so that’s definitely guided me in the right direction. Not only did I get a little confidence every time I performed but i also got to meet other wonderful musicians who share similar interests. It’s a great way of networking.

Q.What have you got planned for the future?

DB: My aim for next year is to release my EP and see where that leads. What ever the outcome I’ll always sing and never give up.


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