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Sarah Haines, a Learning Disability Nurse @SouthendNHS talks about her role

02 Dec Sarah Haines, a Learning Disability Nurse @SouthendNHS talks about her role

By Robbie Norton

I first met Sarah Haines,9 years ago my first impression of her was that she was very accommodating and nice ; to this day my opinion stays the same. I held an interview with her

What made you want to be a LD Nurse?

It was a long time ago; I was volunteering at Lancaster School in Essex, Teaching P.E and loved it so much. It made me want to work with people who have learning disabilities all the time, so I started my nurse training.

What’s your daily routine?

In the morning I check the computer to see what new patients I have, and then I go and visit them on the ward. Sometimes I have meetings where we talk about improving things for people with learning disabilities. Sometimes I support people to have a blood test or x ray. I also help with staff training.

What’s your favourite part?

My favourite part would have to be, supporting People with complex needs, and helping others to evolve with confidence and celebrating, when those challenges are no longer there.

What’s the worst part of your work?

I really don’t have enough time, so I would have to say more time to complete my tasks.


What meetings do you have to attend?

I attend the monthly hospital LD meeting; We talk about lots of different ways to improve the care we provide at the hospital. We also discuss raising money to help the charitable fund. we do anything from sponsored walks, cake selling and raffles.

What social events have you been involved in?

I’ve attended the House of Parliament, with you Robbie for when we produced a video

‘Day in the life of an outpatient at Ld.’ please click link to watch:

Robbie stood up and addressed the House of Parliament; introducing the DVD he starred in.

How long have you been a nurse?

24 years, since 1991.


What inspires you?

Helping people to feel better and more confident when they come to hospital.

If there’s something you could change, within your job what would it be?

It would be nice to have more help/time.