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Russell Kane Chats Sun Worshippers, Jellyfish Sting Solutions & Spontaneous Trips to Botswana After a Bad Break Up In New Podcast Series

24 Aug Russell Kane Chats Sun Worshippers, Jellyfish Sting Solutions & Spontaneous Trips to Botswana After a Bad Break Up In New Podcast Series

The final episode of the ‘Nextbase Summer Unlocked’, ‘Preppers and Schleppers’ concludes the hilarious four-part series with comedian Russell Kane and auntie Christine, just in time for the bank holiday weekend.

With 14 million Brits set to head off this weekend in their cars, the four-part series is sure to entertain the whole family offering over two hours of belly laughs.

In the final episode, Kane dives into the long-discussed issue for Brits – “you’re either a sun worshipper or you’re not.”

“My mum is basically a roasted crisp on a stick – there is nothing left. Now there is just an Essex perm, an orange tan, a bit of liver and kidney hanging off and a few opinions about Brexit. That’s my mum, she’s a collection of orange liquid!”

“Whereas both you and Yvonne are like Nosferatu – if one bit of sun touches you when you’re having dinner, you say, I’m burning!”

The series, commissioned by Nextbase – the UK’s biggest Dash Cam brand unpacks what it’s really like to holiday across Britain and will see Russell’s beloved 69-year-old auntie Christine join him for a 25-minute tell-all show.

Russell Kane’s episode 4 of Nextbase ‘Summer Unlocked’ podcast launches today.

Russell Kane x Nextbase Summer Unlocked podcast

Episode 1 – ‘Airbags’

Out Thursday 5th August

Episode 2 – ‘Hazard Lights’

Out Thursday 12th August

Episode 3 – ‘Holidays and Holidaze’

Out Thursday 19th August

Episode 4 – ‘Preppers and Schleppers’

Out Thursday 26th August

The discussion moves onto jellyfish injuries and Christine shares that a jellyfish stung her dad when she was younger and on holiday with the family abroad.

Christine said, “He was in real bad pain and had to go to hospital with it as it blew up like a balloon.”

Russell continued, “It’s said you are supposed to wee on a jellyfish sting. If you were stung Christine I would just need to make you laugh and you would cancel out your own jellyfish sting by immediately peeing yourself.”

Russell went on to discuss spontaneous trips and the craziest trip he has ever done.

“I’d split up with a girl and I thought I’m going to go away on my own. So, I poured myself a drink and I sat in my lounge and spun the globe and I said wherever my finger lands, if it’s safe, I’m going.

“Do you know where my finger landed? Botswana! Bots-friggin-wana!”

Russell concluded how he ended up on a campsite with a hot Austrian girl and four days later, “Guten tag! Well, that was a holiday romance. Yahh! We shared a tent.”

Each episode touches on all aspects of UK staycations from the realities of weather, arguments and road rage – all topics Brits can relate to especially ahead of this bank holiday weekend.

Nextbase has also launched a celebrity summer driving spotify playlist with DJ and presenter Marvin Humes to keep families entertained to accompany the podcast, whilst driving to holiday destinations.

To celebrate the nation’s summer of driving, Nextbase has also partnered with the UK’s top attractions to give families travelling across the country, the chance to win big.