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REVIEW: In Pursuit of Silence dir. by Patrick Shen

17 Oct REVIEW: In Pursuit of Silence dir. by Patrick Shen

By Kerri Mitchell

Have you ever considered silence? Not just a bit of peace and quiet but absolutely no noise whatsoever. It is a concept that is almost impossible to perceive. This film examines noise

What is the difference between sound and noise? Or when does sound become noise?

The film begins slowly. Very slowly but as it goes on your senses awaken to what noise is all about. I started to think about noise in my life and was engrossed. I had no idea of the health issues linked to noise. And I am not just talking about damage to hearing.

Noise though is natural. Nature produces noise. There is good and bad noise. This film examines and identifies both.
A deep and thoughtful film that will open your mind to silence. Not fast moving or exciting but thought provoking. It does start slowly but it then builds into an eye opening documentary. Did you know that an architect trains for 5 years but only 1 day is dedicated to noise? Neither did I.

Noise is an issue that will always be here. This film will make you think about noise in a way you never have before.

This is a meditative film that explores our relationship with silence, sound and the impact of noise on our lives.


“This documentary makes a lot of noise with silence, the best experimental work I’ve seen this year”