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Ray Jorden rounds up last night #CBB action 

21 Jan Ray Jorden rounds up last night #CBB action 

Celebrity Big Brother Round Up & Eviction Night by Ray Jorden

Well what a week it’s been, it’s had more ups and down that Chloe’s bedroom antics and it can only get worse can’t it? As a massive fan of Big Brother since series one I think this has to be one of the most explosive Celebrity seasons I have ever known and TV gold for sure.

Well Chloe everyone is accountable for their own actions and your hangover is your own fault, well we know you cant’ hold your drink, maybe stick to ribena!!

So Jedward continue to over play the task by demanding more things for Nicola to carry and fetch for them!! Talking about over playing!!

Stacey and Bianca clearly can’t help sticking their nose in, by telling Chloe to tone her behavior down with Calum when she drinks, which made her cry, then consoled by Calum, in your face Stacey and Bianca!

Chloe decided to go in the large pool, clearly it’s colder but stop your screaming and clearly James C is not impressed and looked so uncomfortable, poor man, so would I looking at that white flesh.

So there is a surprise in store from Big Brother!! This should be interesting.

The live task nominations was genuius, who will push their button the quickest and who will go in to live nomination for eviction!! Loving the tasks this season, so inventive! So the housemates up for eviction took it well, but Colleen’s face was a true picture as she thought she was safe… come on dear it’s a f***ing game, no one is safe and everyone wants to win!!

Too late Stacey it’s a game and you can’t cry over the choice you made by pushing the button, when will you realise it’s a reality game show, and yes you are wanting to win. Stacey blasts Jedward for mentioning her name after the task, I might not be their biggest fans but the lads certainly did not deserve that you horrible woman.

After seeing calum’s naked ass as he headed into the shower, I don’t think there was a dry seat in the whole of the UK, which includes mine, so I think I might need to be alone right now.

Please Stacey and Jessica let the whole press the button task go now!! We are so over it, and then it explodes all over again!! It’s turning into the Stacey show don’t you think?, and if it could not get worse Jessica and Colleen go for each others throats, FFS give it a rest.

Do you really think that if you go in to the diary begging for booze it will work Chloe, I guess we will have to wait and see.

Pardon me if I am wrong but Bianca said that she would not get up to anything under the covers because of her business etc, I guess that has gone to pot as she was fumberling under the duvet with Jamie the slime ball. So Colleen is saved! The look of happiness on her face was a picture and mine was the look of upset as I personally think her time in the house is done!!!

WTF Chloe is out oh and that reminds me, I must put the trash out later.

Eternal immunity nomination, was again cruel but in fab Big Brother style. James C is now in the final and what a great reward for a nice guy, but the flip side was a great twist and he has now nominated Spencer and Heidi for eviction nomination forever!!

That’s all from me signing off for now!
Loves ya x

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