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RAY JORDEN: Celebrity Big Brother Weekend from Hell round up!!

17 Jan RAY JORDEN: Celebrity Big Brother Weekend from Hell round up!!

By Celebrity Ghost Hunter/Presenter Ray Jorden

Well is it me or does the “Hell” just look like a ghost train set and just too comfortable? Such a great idea with many twists and turns round every corner, with pretty much every housemate getting on each others nerves to near breaking point as the tension in “Hell” thickens, come on Big Brother at least make the housemates live in a hellish world or are they!!!

Kim and Chloe talking in the bedroom is just the funniest thing, and while Chloe doesn’t fully understand what Kim is trying to say, other than suggesting she is a hooker on TV and that she shouldn’t sell her body on the street corner, it just washes over her head, they hug it out and move on…..Oh Chloe I wish your micro brain would kickstart logical thinking sometimes!!

OK Stacey stop your whining and barking about Calum, love you have no chance, no chance!!! And so back to “hell” purgatory was as competitive as I have ever seen in all the years of watching Big Brother, it is simply brutal and wonderful.

Stacey sure does have it in for Jasmine, and I don’t think it will stop just there, but remember this Stacey “what goes around comes around” or just take comfort in a digestive!

So Stacy claims Jasmine has a fake face, well sorry maybe you should look at your fake weave Stacey!!!!! Sounds like it’s turning in to the Stacey show…I hope not!!

The main housemates now have to decide who is out and walks through the side door, while the other “hell” housemates return to the main house to be part of the collective once again, will harmony be restored, will it f**k
Three doors and the fate is sealed for the last remaining three “hell” housemates, Spencer and Heidi are saved, James C is saved and Jasmine is out!! Did not see that coming what so ever and really believed that James C would have gone, how wrong can you be!

Kim and Nicolas row has turned into another row with Kim and James J, which turned in to a row with Bianca and Kim, which turned in a row with Chloe and Kim and on and on and on, James if you keep winding Kim up about cleaning I think it will blow up in your face mister and bite you in your fat ass mister.

I am so pleased James C has been saved by the other housemates, it shows a real level of respect and I think that’s amazing.

Chloe’s say’s “I’ll bet you ten pounds Calum will as me out” don’t set your bets to high then love, I wonder if he gives change on that one? That girl has a mind of a child and a mouth of a gutter. So the fight is on between Jessica and Chloe for Calum’s cock, neither will get very far as I do not believe he is interested in both, of course he will flirt he’s a red blooded dude for gods sakes!!! Makes me cringe to see Chloe be throw herself at Calum like this.
Here come the tears from Jessica being consoled by nosey parker Colleen, who is back from hell and back on true form.

OK Chloe clam down, wind her up and there she blows in more ways than one!

That’s all from me signing off for now!
Loves ya x