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Priti Patel says “There is no task more urgent than defeating poverty”

01 Feb Priti Patel says “There is no task more urgent than defeating poverty”

The UK will sharpen its focus on economic development in the world’s poorest countries to help create economic growth that will sustain rapidly growing populations, provide a long term solution to poverty and deal with the root causes of problems that affect Britain, International Development Secretary Priti Patel announced earlier this week.

Priti Patel said:

There is no task more urgent than defeating poverty. The UK has a proud record of supporting people in desperate humanitarian crises, but emergency help alone won’t tackle the global changes we face.

With dramatic increases in population across Africa and Asia, developing nations must act fast to create jobs and investment, which is why Global Britain is leading a more open, more modern approach to development through our economic development to help the world’s poorest countries stand on their own two feet.

By helping the world’s poorest countries grow their economies, this investment will help create the UK’s trading partners of the future, boost global prosperity and address some of the root causes of global issues such as mass migration and instability that affect the UK.

The announcement builds on the UK’s existing work to drive economic development, which has helped almost 70 million people access financial services, over 6 million people improve their land and property rights, and improved access to clean energy for over 6 million people.