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Paul Manners writes “There should be a spin-off called ‘Loose Cannons’

20 Oct Paul Manners writes “There should be a spin-off called ‘Loose Cannons’

It’s Episode 2 of The Apprentice. One candidate has been fired and now it’s up to the rest to find out what the next task is. Things are already heating up with the preview of what’s to come.

After the candidates wake up, they receive a phone call to meet at a location in Fashion Street, East London. They are told by Lord Sugar to come up with an advertising campaign for Japanese Denim Jeans, which they have two days to do. So who will come up with the best brand and marketing campaign? Well find out if it will be the boys or girls who end up on top once again. The girls have definitely chosen the wrong leader; being Rebecca and Mukai is the project manager for the boys.

Both teams split into two, A & B teams and given tasks. The boy’s teams seem to know what they are doing straight away and pitch questions to the public, whilst their market team seem to be confused at choosing their brand.

Loving the way that Rebecca is getting well into her expertise and is enthusiastic about their ‘unclaimed’ brand. Project manager Jessica cannot remember where the Jeans were and realised that they turned up to their photoshoot without them! The boys seem to be at a loss too, also having nothing to shoot! Seriously…..isn’t organisation meant to be part of a profession? And that’s coming from someone who forgot the words to his own song lol

The girls have been reunited with their jeans and look close to home for models. Soundtracks are now being created and images put together so that interactive bus shelters can be made for the advertising. Time is now running out fast for day one, of which they have two days to complete the task at hand. Come on people, sort it out! The boys have sadly missed the deadline for the interactive part.

For both the girls and boys teams, some roles are swapped over. Both teams now have to create designs, including a logo.

The girls have chosen a posh Japanese restaurant as a location for their television advertisement. I am thinking it is now looking good for the girls team as they are working together so much better.

Dylan is directing the boy’s television advertisement at their location which is a skateboard park; with gorgeous sunny weather. I wish it was summer again.


A problem is arising in the video editing suite for the boys team when Karthik wants to see what he can do editing the advertisement on his own. Isn’t this supposed to be team work? His sudden aggression has now made other team members go against him. Brilliant editing from the BBC when ‘I hate you so much right now’ comes in, dear oh dear.

7am on day three, both teams now have to pitch their finished product. Loving the ‘#claimyourfit’ hashtag from the girls. Very catchy. The girls ‘unclaimed’ brand is pitched first after they all arrive in West London, complete with replica interactive bus shelters. There are mixed messages for the girl’s teams on their feedback as the television advertising targets a younger audience however the packaging is targeting an older one. Time for the boys to pitch ‘Day After Yesterday Denim’, will it be D-day for them? Or will it be a good DAY for them? Their feedback was that unisex was unisex in terms of their product.

Both teams are recalled to the boardroom and Lord Sugar loves a good marketing task to go over. ‘DAY’ Jeans comes to Lord Sugar across as a James Bond movie, quality! Lord Sugar is also not impressed that their interactive bus shelter was not completed. Now it’s the girls turn to explain themselves and their brand. ‘Unclaimed’ comes to Lord Sugar as an injury firm or lost property office, what a legend!

Lord Sugar chooses not to put his name to either brand and is angry that not one person has run the task properly. “Demented dimwits” says Lord Sugar. The two project managers from both teams now have to choose two people to join them back in the boardroom. In the history of The Apprentice, there is not a winning team. Oh my gosh, the girls are nearly having a cat fight in the coffee shop! Both project managers have now chosen the two candidates they would like to invite back into the boardroom.

The finger seems to be pointing at Karthik for being a disruption for the boys. The girls get into a heated discussion about what work who has put into it the most. Lord Sugar fires Natalie for not having much contributions to the tasks with also referring to last weeks. Karthik has got away with being sent back to the house, even though Lord Sugar can’t put up with loose cannons.

I’m now thinking that there should be a spin-off called ‘Loose Cannons’. The next episode: Candy. Sixteen candidates now remain.