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Paul Manners on CBB: Have to say that there are a lot of selfish people in the house

13 Jan Paul Manners on CBB: Have to say that there are a lot of selfish people in the house

By Paul Manners

Such a privilege to be asked (by popular request) to do last nights Celebrity Big Brother.

Hope you all liked the live tweets, I certainly enjoyed tweeting “TV Gold” when I wrote:
“”Jedward are amusing themselves in the garden” that just sounded so wrong lol #CBB @essextv @LuckySevenPR” – @paulm_official

So the episode had started with highlights to learn that Brandon Block has left the house. I am gobsmacked. He is so placid and I thought he would stay ’til the end.

I hope that Ray J will be ok after leaving due to an abscess in his tooth as I’ve noticed that he is no longer in the house.

I found it amusing that the housemates had to jump in clouds singing when the alarm went off.
I wish it was snow after todays weather reports lol any not long later adverts come on. Nine minutes in; are you serious?
Have to say that there are a lot of selfish people in the house and having seen a tweet from my good friend Stevi Ritchie I have to agree that I would certainly say a few words to Austin too but all based on fact. He certainly needs a clip round the ear and I bet parents would have their slippers on standby.

My pal Marcus Bentley just tickled me with his voiceover “Jedward are amusing themselves in the garden”, that just sounded so wrong in conjunction with the tone of voice used hahahahaha Jasmine is now seen giving a massage to Calum. No! That is not a massage it’s more like CPR pmsl.

As Brandon is being a gentleman giving his best wishes to everyone as he leaves, he is started on by Jedward to which Jamie sticks up for him calling them the ‘biggest joke act’. Well said my friend but you did go a little bit too far with the rest of what you had to say. I would’ve been a little more subtle and would’ve stated that they should have more respect for others.

Poor Angie needing advice and Spencer was feeling the paranoia of her playing games, no it was real and the truth. People so need to be real in that house and push paranoia aside.

Well done to the housemates for passing the shopping task. With more aggression being aired, it seems we are watching lots of ‘playground talk’; with Austin being immediately out of order to Stacy stating “you don’t know how this Country works”. I would’ve come back saying “I know how your drinking works”.

I hope that Stacy cheers up before all the tissues in Elstree studios and Tesco next door are depleted of them.

Afterwards I did a vote on if Jamie was right to have a proper go at Jedward. With 148 votes 69% said ‘no’ and 31% voted ‘yes’.

I have enjoyed writing and commenting on tonights episode of CBB. Much love to you all and thank you for having me.