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“Nothing completely changed my life or gave me hope” writes George Kay in #Xfactor column

05 Sep “Nothing completely changed my life or gave me hope” writes George Kay in #Xfactor column

By George Kay

Well what can I say? EssexTV asked me to be the official tweeter & columnist for Sunday nights Xfactor.


My first thought was can I of all people be trusted with such power?


I quickly realised that I couldn’t be & more the fool EssexTV for bestowing such power on me. I’m not the president of the United States & I’m not going to use my power for good! Then again it’s questionable if that pillock barrack Obama uses his power for good also..


That being said it’s great to be able to run my mouth & hide behind the label of journalism 😂💯


Ryan Wilkins, ppi claims?? We found L LL love!!! ‘Get that in your ears Simon’.. I’d give you the chance. No more ppi❤️

A predictable start to our nations favourite singing competition, a largely camp dude with crap eyebrows, hits us with his half decent vocals & questionable choreography. Give Ryan Wilkins a chance so I don’t have to endure yet another ppi call at tea time. Your through 😩


Lady of favour sit down queen you’re not musical royalty😂😂

Sit down, shut up & stop lying about your age!! Enough said!


Tom & Laura go on scousers✌🏾️👌🏽👍🏽💯🏆.. Ker CHING!!££££ Simon.. But I need you to dump your missus to win this 😂😂😂

Yess the fellow scousers!! Let’s put the ppi stuff to one side & appreciate some real talent! Dark horses for me, great vocals but Simon wants to ruin your relationship & possibly your lives being the satanist that he is. Stay strong/ stay together! I hope you’re not from Birkenhead really 😂


Our Fred good looking chap.. Got Nicole mesmerised.. Every guy wants what you’ve got kiddo, except the skinny jeans #XFactor

Our fred.. Another boy band lookalike? Had Nicole transfixed with his vocals & cheeky good looks. Share the magic son. Every man on the planet wishes he could do that. Except Lewis Hamilton of course. He’d just shag her mate or something better if he wanted too. Great vocals feeling you’ve got legs in the competition


Chanal thumbs up from the big man 🙌🏽 Simon loves you #XFactor surprise?? NOT!

You can sing but Simon loves mixed race girls so no surprise that you’re through. I think your great but not as good as Leona Lewis


Matt are you in 1D?? Cheat😂😂.. I’m sure the ex will be in touch tomorrow.. Go on son you is through👍🏽

Matt you had your chance with 1D.. Annoyingly you were great, drop the heartbreak speech you were always going through. You will have 20 new birds tomorrow. Can see you winning this!

image2 (1)

Sharon took the words out of my mouth. Should be sat on a toilet roll at my nans! Barking mad but you can sing WOW!! Bork

What in god’s name was this toilet roll cover? Crazy Cat! If I dressed like you & went on the XFactor I’d be arrested or sat on phill & hollys couch explaining my actions to the nation before I even got to sing!! I think you are amazing, vocals blew me away if you’re not to away with the fairies I’d like to see you go far❤️


Mariana proper tears.. Your through #XFactor

Mariana.. Heartbreaker of a story, brought a tear to mine & the estranged wife’s/ on off girlfriend/ entertainer/singers oh whatever the press refer to her as! Good vocals, beat the dead cat misery story so for effort your through enjoy the next round X


That’s my pick of the bunch for this weeks XFACTOR.. The rest was all skinny jeans crap haircuts & Simons smug mannerisms. Nothing completely changed my life or gave me hope. So it’s back to petty crime & being the media panto villain for me. Have a great week till next time, I’ve been George kay and remember never believe what you read & don’t take life too seriously 👌🏽