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Nishall Garala speaks out as hospital is put into special measures

20 Oct Nishall Garala speaks out as hospital is put into special measures

The founder of #BigUpHarlow has spoken out following reports that The Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow, Essex, has gone into special measures.

It comes after the hospital was rated “inadequate” by the Care Quality Commission, following an inspection.

Nishall Garala told EssexTV “As a person who promotes Harlow on a regular basis, hearing about PAH’s recent issues is sad, especially a great facility being marked as ‘inadequate”. I have recently spoke to many people and I am often told how great our hospital is. I understand that recruitment of doctors and nurses is hard, but we all have to continue to work together to help our local hospital, all hospitals in England has facing hard times. Harlow has a whole has great things and have a hospital with an A&E department is even better, because it really shows the value of our town.”

Nishall who hopes to change people’s perception of Harlow town by running a social media campaign which helps #BigUpHarlow, previously told publications that “Harlow’s population, at the time of the 2011 census, was 81,944 and is still growing because it is a place to live and work in.”
Inspectors found “significant capacity issues” and bed shortages in the hospital. Thus meaning patients were being allocated the next available bed rather than being treated on a ward specifically for their condition.

Nishall issued full support for the hospital saying “So during this time, I stand with PAH and hope for the standards to be improved and remove the ‘inadequate’ marker the hospital has been marked with. I will always stand with Harlow and support all our great facilities.”