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A new service is being piloted in the Brentwood area, specialising in providing personalized care at home for individuals with complex needs and progressive conditions.


Evida Care, which is part of the Care and Wellbeing Company, ECL, has launched the trial service amid unprecedented demand from an ageing population and growing pressures on hospitals. The company has identified a gap in the market through conversations with existing ECL customers and their families in the area.


The new venture allows individuals to have more control over their wellbeing, by assigning a highly trained assistant to work alongside the customer and their loved ones to give peace of mind, build confidence and provide companionship. Additional to this, Evida are able to offer continuity of care, and help to support customers in their own homes rather than having to spend time in unfamiliar surroundings when families and carers need respite.


The service has the added benefit of ECL’s extensive equipment and products service, who are currently investigating how newer assistive technology can benefit those who may feel isolated in between their support visits or social activities.


The highly-skilled Evida staff are trained in areas including; learning disabilities, dementia, mental health, stroke awareness, epilepsy, palliative care and Parkinson’s, and can support flexibly to anyone choosing the service.


The Evida team recently hosted a Community Engagement Group in Brentwood to obtain feedback on the potential new service. Attendees included Brentwood Stroke Club, Parkinson’s Society, SNAP (Special Needs and Parents), Papworth Trust Batias and families of existing day service customers.


Keir Lynch, ECL CEO, said: “The recent community engagement forum held in Brentwood provided us with great insight – the overall message conveyed by attendees was that there is a demand for this type of service in the area. The group discussion determined that staff expertise and continuity of staff is crucial, which has been reflected in our proposed service.”


Aside from the Evida pilot, ECL operates 30 Wellbeing Hubs for adults with learning disabilities and older people in Essex, enabling customers to maximise independence and access their local communities. The company’s Work-based Training service offers opportunities to support customers to gain knowledge, skills and confidence enhancing their opportunities for employment in the future.

For more information about the new service, contact 01268 272242 and ask for an Evida Consultant or email