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New Domestic Abuse Charity On A Mission To Change Lives

30 Jun New Domestic Abuse Charity On A Mission To Change Lives

Newly established in 2020, Change Ur Life is a Bedfordshire based outreach service committed to helping victims of domestic abuse to begin their next chapter. The passionate organisation offers both emotional and practical support through telephone, via online resources and such places, as it is safe to do so. Their services are open to all genders over the age of sixteen who are experiencing any form of domestic abuse in their own home or the community.

Change Ur Life strongly believes that no one should be forced to accept a life of fear, and that anyone suffering from domestic abuse deserves help, support and the right to a better life. The team behind Change Ur Life know too well of the women and men who find themselves in an abusive relationship and, through no fault of their own, continue to suffer in silence. The charity understands the extremities of this and aspire to help victims to believe that they do not have to surrender their lives to abuse forever.

Manol Stoyanov, Director of Change Ur Life, says:

It has been an amazing start of the year, and I can’t wait to open our service to other boroughs where I know the needs for support are existing. The funding provided by Police Crime Commissioner for Bedfordshire, Kathryn Holloway, has created an opportunity to support men and women living in Bedfordshire who are or have been victims of domestic abuse. We cannot thank the PCC and her team enough for the support provided.”

The Mission Is Simple, To Change Lives For Good

Through offering a friendly and non-judgemental approach, Change Ur Life creates a safe haven for individuals and their families. The aim is to empower victims to believe in themselves, helping them to realise that life is for living and not subject to the abuse of the perpetrator. Each and every member of the organisation is eager to make a difference in changing people’s lives, ensuring no victim is turned away, felt judged or left helpless.

To ensure that their mission is fulfilled, Change Ur Life will whole-heartedly strive to support clients. The organisation recognises that every client is unique, which means that listening is a crucial part of their process, allowing them to seek the correct support for victims. Clients will work at their own pace with the peace of mind that they are supported every step of the way. Reassuring someone that they are not alone is often comforting and encouraging, especially when working through an incredibly daunting period.

Juliet Meshi, Operational Manager of Change Ur Life, says:


“We are honoured, and feel extremely privileged to be heading up this new organisation. Domestic abuse has risen dramatically, and the current situation has certainly accentuated it. Personally, we have worked in this field for several years in which time, we have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience. We have supported a large number of victims, in escaping from violent and abusive relationships. Helping people to escape torture, abuse and indeed, in some cases, death, is something we feel extremely passionate about. We believe no one should have to endure a life of fear and misery, and quite frankly, has the right to live a non-abusive life. We understand, whole-heartedly, the profound effect it can have on a victim when they finally decide to leave their abuser. This quite often is a petrifying experience, and where assurance and support are very much needed.”