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Nadiya Hussain partners with Next to launch a selection of headscarves and turbans – plus a Spring womenswear edit

29 Mar Nadiya Hussain partners with Next to launch a selection of headscarves and turbans – plus a Spring womenswear edit

Back in 2015, Nadiya Hussain was crowned the queen of The Great British Bake Off tent and has since been recognised as a household name in the UK. From hosting several of her own television shows to being shortlisted for Children’s Book of the Year at the British Book Awards, Nadiya is now stepping into the world of fashion by teaming up with high-street retailer Next, to launch an exclusive collection of headscarves.

Asked why she chose to work with Next to create the collection, Nadiya said:

“As someone who has worn headscarves as young as my early teens, finding headscarves on the high street has always been a struggle. Of course, I could go to my local area, where buying headscarves was never a problem, but that became two separate trips that had to be accounted for.

To be able to go to one shop and buy everything you need is a total luxury. Shoes, clothes, underwear, coat, and scarves, that’s a big deal. I have always loved shopping at Next because I can get everything, I need in one place, and now even my scarves. That’s going to be liberating for many people out there, I just know it.”

When it comes to the colour palette of the collection, Nadiya opted for neutral tones over bright colours. She adds:

“I love wearing bright scarves, but I love neutral tones that compliment all of our skin tones, so I picked colours that will compliment every outfit and every skin tone. Neutral tones are great as they become an extension of what you are wearing.”

With a variation of prints and patterns also featured in the collection, Nadiya explains she was keen to be involved in every step of the design process.

“I have been there creating and part of the design process at every stage, from colour to fabric and size so we can get a scarf that is hard-wearing, beautiful, complementary and versatile.”

The collection reflects the many ways a headscarf can be styled, with Nadiya revealing that her choice of headscarf is often down to the occasion, and even her mood.

“I choose my headscarf for the day dependent on what I’m doing. If it’s a busy day, I wrap and go. If it’s a more chilled day I like to take my time and wear something flowy. It can also depend on where I’m going, what mood I’m in and what I’m wearing. My headscarf is an extension of me, just like hair, but not hair.”

With versatility being a strong focus in this collection, check out Next’s social media channels as Nadiya shows us how to style a headscarf in up to 4 different ways.

“I wanted to show you four ways I like to wear scarves, but there are so many different ways of wearing them. The more you experiment, the better you get at tying the scarf and feeling confident. I also love wearing the scarf as a neck scarf too, as it’s soft, comfortable and not suffocatingly big like some scarves can be.”