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Multi Award-winning Essex-based Mum Calls for Other Mums to Share Their Lockdown Experiences

24 Jul Multi Award-winning Essex-based Mum Calls for Other Mums to Share Their Lockdown Experiences

Bounce Back After Lockdown – Multi Award-winning Mum Calls for Other Mums in Business to Share Their Lockdown Experiences to Measure Covid-19 Impact within This Micro-Economy.

Will working mums report work stress, kid stress or home-keeping stress as the highest pressure during lockdown?
How many of us have experienced heightened anxiety?
How many of us have drunk more than we’d have liked?
How many of us are left feeling like failures?

This month an award-winning Business Coach, Mentor, Author and founder of women in business network Mpower – based in Wickford, Essex – is looking to get the answers to these questions as she reaches out to other mums to share their lockdown realities to a) gauge the temperament of the nations’ working mums and b) to help her identify the areas they need support on so she can offer it in her new Bounce Back Podcast series, established to help inspire, support and uplift other mums in business across the globe, many of whom have been hit hard by the pandemic.

Nicola Huelin, a proud mum of four, who over the past few months has had to pivot her businesses thanks to lockdown is on a mission to find out the reality of lockdown for working mums, and has launched a survey to gauge the current mind-set of mums across the country and identify what areas working mums would like to focus on in order to bounce back from lockdown. The survey which can be found at , will then fuel a podcast series she is
launching with partner Bounce Network, sharing inspiring interviews which cover the areas identified.

Nicola is also looking for mums to feature on this Bounce back interview series, providing an opportunity for them to not only share their wisdom, but showcase their business too.

In 2012 Nicola founded Mpower and embarked on her mission to empower one million mums in business. She has over 20 years’ experience in combining business success with family life and has connected, coached and mentored 1000’s of women internationally. This super-mum, in collaboration with Bounce Network ( ( ) the UK’s fastest growing insurance referral network, is launching the Bounce Back Interview Series via the Mpower Podcast. Bounce and MPower are coming together to uplift mums in business that may have been hit hard by the pandemic and Nicola is looking for individuals to share their tips, tricks and setbacks in bouncing back from lockdown as a parent in business.

Nicola said: “Balancing family life, work life and business success is never a straight line journey, we all have our ups and downs and life can throw us a serious curve ball or two along the way… but, this is one huge global curve ball! As part of my global mission to empower one million mums in business, after having to pivot myself cancelling our annual awards, UK events, and my own speaking gigs I knew that I needed use my contacts and community to not only help uplift Mpower mums, but also reach out further to other mums in business who maybe feeling alone and isolated having being hit hard by the pandemic. I am fascinated to know how everyone has been faring mental health wise, money wise and relationships wise as we have faced these significant challenges”.

The Mpower ‘Bounce Back Interview Series’ kicks off the w/c 27th July with Bounce Networks Founder and CEO, Ashley Reading – Ashley bravely sharing his story of bounce back and how he went from being a 9-figure business owner to becoming homeless and penniless almost overnight following the financial crisis, sharing how did he bounce back from losing everything to creating a passion-led business that supports thousands of mums in business earn a great income, whilst protecting their families. Ashley said; “We are absolutely thrilled to be partnering with Nicola and the Mpower community. Success is not always easy and life can sometimes feel challenging – I am so happy to kick this series off by sharing my own story of bouncing back and hope that my story, alongside many other extraordinary stories from our guests, helps to inspire, empower and equip mums across the UK and beyond, to not just bounce back from tough times but also to bounce forward even stronger. This collaboration came about as both Bounce and Mpower share the same values around empowering others and ensuring all parents can be both the best mothers/fathers whilst also having great business success too. Bounce Network is all about providing people with the right insurance products to ensure they, their families and their business are protected and can bounce back from unforeseen setbacks and challenges. Receiving the right knowledge and support and having peace of mind when
it comes to home, family and business is something I see as invaluable.”

Other interviews in the Mpower ‘Bounce Back Interview Series’ pipeline include well-known celeb mummies; atomic kitten star Natasha Hamilton and ex-Emmerdale star Natalie Anderson and also father-of-two and star of chart-topping Irish boy band Boyzone, Shane Lynch who has recently become a Bounce Ambassador.

Mpower and Bounce are looking for other working mums and mums in business to join them to share their lockdown stories via a survey and also be guests on the interview series to help uplift and inspire mums in business who may have been hit hard by the pandemic. Nicola would also like to invite anyone with a story to tell to guest on the podcast and share their proudest moments, breakthroughs, challenges, lessons learned and advice they would offer to other mums who might be struggling right now. If you’d like to feature on the podcast please visit and get in touch.

Alongside the launch of the Mpower Bounce Back podcast interview series, Mpower is providing as much free and additional support as possible via the Bounce Back hub – – Nicola said: “We have launched the Bounce Back Hub alongside the podcast series which is filled to the brim with free resources to help mums and families and businesses through this to ensure they are in the best possible place to bounce back and thrive again, as we move through these times together.”

“I am looking for other mums to link arms with me so together we can continue to build a community of mums to lean on, support each other and guide one another through the journey of being a mum in business post-lockdown and beyond.”