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Morse Toad launches its new Chocolate Card

15 Jun Morse Toad launches its new Chocolate Card

Morse Toad is this week launching its new Chocolate Card; delicious chocolate message contained in a box with your branding printed on the top. You can also include aa personalised message printed on the inside. It will fit through most letterboxes, so there is no need to traipse to the Post Office to pick it up.

At under £10 each, the Chocolate Card is the ideal branded corporate gift. Whether it’s thanking your staff, generating referrals and repeat business, or reaching out to prospective clients, Morse Toad’s chocolate cards will grab their attention.

How does it work?

1)      Choose your chocolate message: ‘thank you’, ‘happy birthday’, ‘sorry’, ‘welcome’, ‘hello’ and (if you’re planning ahead) ‘Happy Christmas’. Morse Toad also has the facility to create a bespoke chocolate mould specifically for your company.

2)      Add your company logo, or maybe a team photo from the last offsite meeting or Christmas party

3)      Add your own text message to the card (perhaps thanking them for their hard work)

Priced from just £8.50 this is the perfect corporate gift for hard working teams and loyal customers. Or, perhaps there are people you’d like to thank for their support during these challenging times.

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