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MIC star Spencer Matthews says “I enjoy adrenaline sports” ahead of The Jump stint

01 Feb MIC star Spencer Matthews says “I enjoy adrenaline sports” ahead of The Jump stint

The latest instalment of Channel 4’s daredevil skiing show The Jump returns this Sunday and Spencer Matthews is set looking forward to the fun and promises not to disappoint.

From when he looked for love on the Bachelor, to leaving the I’m a Celebrity jungle after two days, here’s everything you need to know about Spencer’s upcoming stint on The Jump.

Talking about his family thoughts on the show Spencer said “They’re not worried about me breaking anything, they’re just happy I’m doing a competitive sports show opposed to something that focuses purely on my character because that’s quite dangerous!

That’s not a bad of way of looking at it at all, but viewers can be promised so much character from Spencer in the upcoming series. Already picking up advice from former Made In Chelsea co-stars Louise Thompson and Mark-Francis – Spencer said

“Mark-Francis told me not to do it and Louise said she had a lot of fun.”

The Jump has a fearsome reputation: more than a dozen contestants have been injured in its last three series, This doesn’t seem to worry Spencer who told us ” I’m not worried about it at all. I feel sorry for anyone who has got injured but it’s the same in any sport, you always see people get injured.”
Adding onto this he said “I enjoy adrenaline sports and I wouldn’t call skiing one of those. The jump and the skeleton maybe, but not skiing.”

When asked about his wild ways Spencer told us “I’m much less wild these days. On the rare occasion I end up in a club I feel completely out of place. Everyone’s 18 or 19 looking at me thinking, ‘Who’s that old bloke at the bar?’. I feel weird in nightclubs now, I’m more of a restaurant guy, drinks at a bar and then head home. I’m pretty Netflix-y, comfy and at home these days, which sounds kind of lame! I enjoy a night in.”

The fourth series The Jump starts on Sunday February 5, for six weeks, at 7:30pm on Channel 4