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Members of the public to take part in #Colchester Miracle Babies Walk

09 Nov Members of the public to take part in #Colchester Miracle Babies Walk

Triplets are among a total of about 50 mums, dads, babies, toddlers and children who are set to take part in the first “Colchester Miracle Babies Walk” later this month.

The aim of the walk on Sunday 20 November is raise funds for the Neonatal Unit at Colchester General Hospital.

It is being organised by Colchester Miracle Babies, a family support group set up almost two years ago for the parents of babies who have spent time on the unit, either because they were born prematurely or were poorly.

Support group families will meet at the visitor centre in High Woods Country Park, Colchester, on 20 November and set out at 1pm on the blue route, which should take about 30 minutes to complete.

Sarah Jane Sexton, who set up the group, said she was keen for as many people as possible to take part and to make donations.

“I’m confident that we’ve already got about 50 people but we would like more,” she said.

“Anyone can come along – you don’t have to have any connection with the Neonatal Unit.

“One of Colchester Miracle Babies’ aims is to raise money for the unit but this will be our first fundraising walk.

“We’ve organised it so it falls just three days after World Prematurity Day which aims to increase awareness that, worldwide, one baby in 10 is born premature – that’s about 15 million babies a year.”

Among the walkers will be five-year-old triplets Albie, Freya-Mai and George Buckingham-Garcia, and their parents Kelly and Paul.

The triplets were born 11 weeks early at Colchester General Hospital in June 2011 and were all extremely poorly, with Albie being the smallest, weighing 1lb 4oz at birth. They all spent time in the hospital’s Neonatal Unit.

Mrs Buckingham-Garcia said: “The first few weeks were extremely traumatic and they hit many hurdles.

“But thanks to the wonderful staff and doctors, they eventually got strong enough to go home to be with their big brothers, Charlie, Tommy and Ronnie.”

The family lives in Hall Road, Great Bromley and the triplets attend St George’s Church of England Primary School in the village. More than £350 has already been raised.

Donations will be given to the Neonatal Unit fund of the Colchester Hospitals Charity (CoHoC).

* Anyone who would like to take part in the walk should contact Mrs Sexton in advance rather than simply turn up on the day. Email or phone/text her on 07788 983132.

Anyone who would like to make a donation can do so via: