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Maisy Hoath has her say on the Veronica Beard Pre-Fall Season 2017

24 Jan Maisy Hoath has her say on the Veronica Beard Pre-Fall Season 2017

By Maisy Hoath

Is the new Veronica Beard season a hit or a miss?


Three quarter length trousers are a no go in my opinion, I believe that they are an awkward length and will do nothing for anyone wearing them & winter is coming and my shins will be warm!

The top is super cute though! I love the horizontal stripes on the top and I think that the colours really go well together. The shoes though may be my favourite; they match the top really well!

If I had to rate this outfit it would be 3/5 stars.




I think they missed with this dress. It could have been every girl’s best friend as who doesn’t love a little black dress! However the stitching down the front gives it a pirate feel! I also don’t like the light colour stitching that is in the dress. And the way that the stitching changes direction is just a no go!  It is no longer Halloween and all costumes should be packed up!

1/5 stars.





I think this outfit is a hit! I LOVE the casual beige skirt paired with the formal black shirt! I think this is the perfect work outfit. The skirt is super cute, I love the way the skirt is fitted and then flairs out! Whether you’re owning the boardroom or running late you’ll look chic in this!

4/5 stars.




This outfit is half a miss and half a hit. I LOVE the colour of the top and the blazer is just helping set the top off. However, the culottes are no no from me, a long pair of black flairs or fitted black jeans with the gold embellishments would have looked so much better!

2/5 stars.