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Know of an inspiring LGBT activist ? Nominate them for this prestigious award

27 Jan Know of an inspiring LGBT activist ? Nominate them for this prestigious award

The British Council has opened nominations for its 2017 LGBT global influencers list, calling for suggestions of inspiring LGBT activists around the world.

The list recognises those who support and promote LGBT rights and equality in their communities, sometimes at great personal risk, and is due to be unveiled during this year’s #fiveFilms4freedom online short film programme staged by British Council and BFI in March.

Last year’s list included Bisi Alimi, a blogger and campaigner who became the first Nigerian to come out on national TV; British director Jake Graf, the first trans man to appear on the cover of QX, Vanity Hype and GNI and the poet Florence Khaxas from Namibia.

The 2017 Global Influencer List is a key part of fiveFilms4freedom, an online celebration of LGBT film exploring themes of love, gender and sexual identity, through five short films selected from BFI Flare: London’s LGBT Film Festival.

With its launch in 2015, #fiveFilms4freedom became the first ever global digital LGBT short film showcase, promoted across more than 60 countries and regions around the globe.

Alan Gemmell, Director of #fiveFilms4freedom, British Council said: “fiveFilms4freedom creates a global space for people to talk about LGBT issues and to celebrate diversity, freedom and equality through one of the world’s most powerful and accessible cultural forms: film

“With the Global Influencers List we want to honour people who work tirelessly to promote equality often working in countries and cultures where LGBT communities are overlooked.

“In a borderless film festival we want to unite these people through their efforts to raise awareness of issues affecting LGBT communities.”

The deadline for nominations for the Global Influencer List is 10 February 2017 with the final list to be announced on 21 March 2017.

Nominations can be made at Global List 2017