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Kerri Mitchell writes “Trump is just another in a long line of presidents”

09 Nov Kerri Mitchell writes “Trump is just another in a long line of presidents”

President Trump!

First thing this morning, still half asleep and bleary eyed I reached for my mobile phone to confirm the next President of the USA was the 2nd of the Clinton dynasty (just leaves Chelsea in the future).  I think she had been President once already and her husband was just a figurehead.   My eyes started to focus and my mind was jolted to alertness…. BBC News was reporting ‘Trump’ next President….  ‘T’ ‘R’ ‘U’ ‘M’ ‘P’ is not how you spell Clinton…… I got the TV on just to see him making his initial speech.  It was true and my phone wasn’t lying.
The President-elect gave a surprisingly magnanimous speech that I hope reflects his true views and intentions. Social media is buzzing with the result.  Trump supporters are elated. Clinton supporters are predicting the end of days.  Sadly I am old enough to remember Ronald Reagan being elected in 1980.  He was passionately anti-communism and the USSR.  World War 3 was predicted… but we are still here…
The reality is that President Trump will likely not be the best or worst president that they have ever had. He will be one in a long line of people who arrives in a job that is overwhelming and rapidly feels the weight of what he has taken on. Americans should, Republican and Democrat alike hope that he is absolutely amazing in his new role.

No one benefits if he is not, and like every other president that has ever sat in the oval office, he will face challenges he never anticipated and he will need all the help he can get. People should also consider being decent to each other.

 Americans are all in this together.
The sun will come up in the morning and the world won’t end. Trump is just another in a long line of presidents.