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Keeping Track Of Your Health With A Digital Doctor

25 Mar Keeping Track Of Your Health With A Digital Doctor

Due to the pandemic, it’s become more commonplace to get in touch with a doctor or pharmacist remotely. Many people are relying on telephone appointments on online consultations, and E-prescriptions are also more widely available. There are several benefits to keeping track of your health with a digital doctor. It’s quicker and easier to order medication to be delivered right to your door with an online pharmacy, and the service is safe and discreet. It’s not only more convenient for the patient. In fact, it’s even allowing medical professionals to be more productive. Here are the top benefits of using a digital doctor.


It’s possible to make an appointment without even leaving the house, which is ideal if you’re not feeling very well. There’s no need to travel and you can reach your doctor 24/7. You can also order prescriptions online and have them delivered, making the service even more convenient. According to a recent survey in the UK, 58% of participants said they would use digital health services if they were available. This is due to both convenience and safety.

Faster turnaround

By using an Online Pharmacy to order your E-prescription, you’ll likely experience a much faster turnaround. You won’t need to wait for a face-to-face appointment to get your repeat prescription, instead, you can have this delivered directly to your home. Online consultations are much more efficient as you don’t need to worry about sitting in the waiting room and similar delays. You can receive tailored advice according to your personal situation instantly.


If you’re someone who doesn’t feel comfortable going to the doctors’ surgery, then a digital doctor and online pharmacy would be ideal for you. You can use the services from the privacy of your own home, so they’re completely discreet. You won’t need to worry about running into your neighbours in the waiting room of your local GP. Online doctors work under the same oath so you can rest assured your personal information will be protected.

GP productivity

As well as being more convenient for patients there are also many benefits of GP online services for medical professionals. They improve communication between patients and practices. Administrative duties are also reduced as appointments and orders for E-prescriptions are made online. This helps improve productivity and patient satisfaction. Doctors are able to build better relationships with their patients and provide a more efficient service.

Advanced technology

Innovations in technology have had an important role to play. There have been significant advances in virtual diagnosis and these are now more accurate and trustworthy. There are plenty of new tools and apps making it easier for people to learn more about their own health without visiting a doctor in-person. Patients can view their online records in order to review up-to-date and relevant details. This access to information can help empower both patients and carers. They can then make more informed decisions relating to their own healthcare, or for the person they’re caring for. 

A second opinion

Often people use online services for a second opinion. This is because it’s much quicker to contact a doctor or pharmacist online for a quick diagnosis. Online services can also be used to direct patients to the right source of care. It’s a way to get peace of mind and access to the relevant information more quickly. This is often very reassuring if you’re waiting to see a specialist or an in-person appointment with your GP.

Social distancing

Even when restrictions based on social distancing are eased, there will still be government guidelines in place on how to get medical help and prescriptions online. This is because it’s been brought to attention that it’s more beneficial for patients to use these services remotely, for safety reasons and convenience. Visiting the doctors’ surgery it is possible to come into contact with forms of bacteria, even though they’re usually in hygienic conditions. For peace of mind, many people are opting for online services to reduce the risk.

Digital doctors and online pharmacies are becoming more accessible and available every day. Many people are discovering the benefits and they also help to take the load off healthcare workers in different ways. While in-person appointments are still necessary, depending on the condition of the patient, virtual consultancies are often more convenient. Ordering prescriptions online couldn’t be simpler with the latest technology. If you’d rather speak to a doctor from home and get your prescription delivered, digital health services could be the solution for you.