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Jsky on CBB: “The Level of Cray”

25 Jan Jsky on CBB: “The Level of Cray”

I worry about the future of reality TV when a woman who has confessed to trapping her man by not taking the pill digs out a 75-year-old woman over the fact that she is childless. I worry about the state of social media, when disagreement is met with hostility [Jodie Marsh]. But most importantly, I worry about the consumption of both of the aforementioned and the effects of this combination of toxicity.
I have to be honest with you, watching Big Brother and Twitter at times hurts my soul. The fun is few and far between, and drama, tantrums and adultery is the new “entertainment”.
Why are Jedward getting booed, and why have the housemates turned on them? Why are they all so intent on winning? Is winning that important? Surely not judging from some past winners. If they were really All Stars, surely they could just be themselves without having to play the game.
Stacy over-egged the pudding and her motor mouth ran out. I grew irritated by her irrationality over imaginary incidents and revelled each time Jessica swiftly and succinctly shut her down. In her own words, the level of cray…
Jamie makes me gip. I stopped being a fan the second he tried to square up to an elderly lady. This was cemented by his crass comment about Jess, “come back when you’re a 10”. I’ve never liked the whole let’s rate someone out of ten thing. I mean what is this, money supermarket?

Spiedi, or should I say Spencer, really wants to crack James C and that is a despicable trait. His brattish ways remind me of the spoilt son in Grand Theft Auto and Heidi seems scared to stand up to him. I am so bored of the whole game playing mentality.

Meanwhile Nicola has literally unravelled before our very eyes just like when Regina George lost her army of skanks in Mean Girls. She retorted that Kim had sealed her own fate when in fact she had very much sealed her own. As Nicola’s demise looms, her popularity in the house dwindles whilst viewers take delight in Kim’s uprising. Keep cleaning up Kim, and you very much might have this in the bag.

Currently loving: Kim, Jedward, Jessica (apart from the whole I’ve had a worse life than you moment)

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