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Joe Cooper talks snapchat, the gym & future plans in candid interview

07 Nov Joe Cooper talks snapchat, the gym & future plans in candid interview

By Matthew Martino

From his stint on Disney right up to his recent Snapchat one thing for sure Joe has always had me in stitches … I pulled him in for a quick chat … Enjoy !

Tell our readers, Who is Joe Cooper?

I am an actor/presenter. I trained at the Sylvia Young theatre school, and whilst there I was in 4 west end show including Les Miserables and then went on to work a contract with The Disney Channel. I always classed myself as quite the Musical Theatre kid, but now days I’m more into my presenting and being in front of a camera. I also play guitar and love Dubai.

What did you take away from presenting on Disney Channel all those years ago?

To be honest, presenting for Disney is such a great thing as its always very over the top. It also helps you to really engage with the audience and keep them interested. So I have used that to give my self an engaging approach when in front of the camera now days. It also helped me with my voice work, as I played Eubie in Higglytown heroes for Disney Channel, which was a great experience and allowed me to explore the avenue of voice acting.

Your snapchat stories get people in stitches, how did that start?

Snapchat is such a great social media platform, especially for your fan base to see what you are doing almost live. It allows me to show people what I’m doing on a day to day basis, even if I do make them laugh. My aim was never for them to be funny that just kind of happened.  I think my funniest one has to be when I pranked a security guard in America. Although he didn’t seem happy at the time, he is now my friend on Snapchat.


In your opinion is there a career to be made from vlogging?

Vlogging has become a full time career for so many lucky people. It must be such a great job, although very challenging. Editing one of my videos takes a while, and that’s only 3 minute long! Some of these full time vloggers are doing 10 minute videos every single day on their channels. I think if you are lucky enough to have gained the right target audience and have a strong dedicated fan base, then it must be such a rewarding job. So yes, I do think there is a career to be made out of vlogging, you just have to stick at it and work hard enough.

You’re quite active in the gym, do you think you could take The Rock in an arm wrestle?

I love the gym. I have only started to bulk up recently though. I don’t think I’m quite at the stage to take on The Rock. He could easily break of my arm in one shot. I would try and give him a run for his money on any chest exercise though, that’s my strongest part.

What can we expect to see from you in the future?

I have so much planned for the future. Funnily enough one of my plans is to start daily vlogging so people can see what I do on a daily basis in great detail and get to know the real Joe Cooper. In the next few months, the Youtube channel will be rebranded, and some changes are being made to the content which I all very exciting.  I am also currently am having meetings and talks with production companies on an idea that I cannot yet talk about, but it will be brilliant. So watch this space.