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Jason Saunders: Her Majesty’s Opposition That Is Clearly Non-Existent

26 Feb Jason Saunders: Her Majesty’s Opposition That Is Clearly Non-Existent

It feels me with anger to utter the words ‘Her Majesty’s Opposition’ because at the moment I can’t quite see the existence of any sort of opposition, what I’m seeing instead is two parties who have the resources to be great but are being caught up in the wrong initiatives.

With UKIP where do I start, after their leaders embarrassing defeat in what is known as the British capital of Brexit in last week’s By-Election this has just gone to prove what a bunch of trainees are running the party, the spineless politicians who lack ambition and drive are failing to provide an alternate party at a time where the party could be signing up thousands of new members.

Fear not however, UKIP’s top backer Arron Banks has threatened to pull his mega millions unless he is made party Chairman … WHAT THE BLOODY HELL IS GOING ON ?! If I walked into UKIP HQ today I would fire the lot of them, not got a bloody clue.

Meanwhile their former leader is living large having dinner with the leader of the free world.
Moving on to Labour, firstly their very own Baroness Chakrabarti has been ridiculed after she wrongly blamed low turnout for Labour’s humiliating defeat in Copeland, saying the party’s supporters don’t have cars … WHAT NOW ?! All these excuses where on hand for her to try and shift the blame away from Jeremy Corbyn !

What happens in a Sky News interview this evening you ask ?! The Rt Hon Jeremy Corbyn lost his temper when asked about the security of his leadership going forward where he proclaimed he would still be the Labour leader in 2020…

My verdict is very simple, it’s not about you being the leader or whoever is the leader ! The work needs to be carried out, Her Majesty needs a proper opposition that is challenging the growing rule of the conservatives, UKIP have been caught in countless scandals I think they need to start by recruiting MP candidates who are not rejects from the local job centre and actually strengthen their party’s manifesto.

2020 here we come, and let the best liar win !