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JACK JOHNSON on CBB: “Well my honest opinion, he should be kicked out”

12 Jan JACK JOHNSON on CBB: “Well my honest opinion, he should be kicked out”

By Jack Johnson

So last night the nation tuned in to celebrity Big Brother 11/01/17 this season of CBB is the best series yet by far, normally they put housemate in the house and about 2 of them housemates normally have the biggest personalities, but this year is totally different because you have James Jordan who is totally a Knob head but we will come back to him later on! Alcoholic Austin Armacost / Game players Speidi / diva Stacy Francis / party girl Nicola Mclean / genuine Bianca Gascoigne. That is what makes this season of CBB good because there are not many plane Janes, if you ain’t sure about what that means, so basically it’s like having an personality like a fish.

/ James Jordan /

He is the biggest most irritating person I have ever seen on my television, James is always getting his mouth in other people’s Conversation. ! HE IS NOT A WIND UP GUY, he try’s to be very controversial with the other housemates. I think it’s time Mr Jordan put his dance shoes back on and dance back to strictly come dancing, oh he got the sack!!! Well my honest opinion, he should be kicked out.

/ Nicola McLean /

Where do I start about the yummy mummy Nicola, my honest opinion of Nicole is that she is REAL & definitely not playing a game!! I have met Nicole in the past and how you see her on the telly is exactly how you see her on the outside world. I have seen on social media people calling her absolutely horrible names such as, SLAG/HOE!!! Because when she’s had a few drinks she’s get a little flirty with the other housemates, but I’m sure everyone when they had a drink they get flirty. Doesn’t mean she’s going to suck somebody off in the daily room DOES IT!


/ Stacy Francis /

Wannabe Beyonce AKA Miss Francis, hasn’t had the best start of the year in the house, I believe over housemates thought she was the weakest person in there, okay might have been day 1 but after all the drama and nearly falling out with everybody in there, it’s made her stronger. She like marmite with me One night I love her next night I hate the women!! She comes across very annoying, but I have to give it to the women she can hold an high note half like Beyonce. She is definitely playing up to the cameras but no wonder with all the big Personalities in there. She’s always going on about who she knows well Beyonce wannabe in that case, my father is David beckham two can play that game.
/ Austin Armacost /

2015 non of the UK public really

Knew Mr Armacost when he first walked in the CBB back then he came Across a really nice lad. but after the weeks went by he walked out runner up. Unfortunately this year he’s nothing like he was in 2015, he’s the biggest arsehole I have seen on telly this year, well James

J too but double bubble! Mr Armacost always looking for a argument with someone but only when he got balls and had a few drinks, it is totally embarrassing to watch. I do believe he’s trying his absolutely Hardest to stay in the house by walking around in them white ridiculous porn star pants, to try and get the gay community support, I’m more an cucumber lad not an party sausage fan so he be definitely NOT GETING MY SUPPORT.
/ Bianca Gascoigne /

When Miss Gascoigne first walked in the house, she wanted to show the UK public that she’s not just an girl who lives of her fathers name AKA football legend Paul Gascoigne & she’s totally prove people wrong in that situation I believe. She is the most genuine person in that house, she’s not in that house to win AT ALL!! She’s there to show the public her true self witch I absolutely love. Bianca is definitely One housemate to watch out for because she’s got a very good chance in winning, if she carries on being the realist girl.
/ Spencer and Heidi AKA spidey /

Like seriously where do I begin with these 2TV gold clowns, what makes these two House mates very interesting is, you never know what they are about to say or do next & that is what makes the show very entertaining in my honest opinion. They do believe they are going to win maybe runner-up but definitely not the winners of CBB!!! Spencer makes my wee boil at times but also entertains me with his silly little windup games to the other house mates. Heidi needs to open up a little bit more, show the public how she was in 2013, NOT

SOMEONE WHO LETS THERE HUSBAND JUST DO ALL THE TALKING, like seriously woman open your mouth.

My winner
I don’t really like to predict the winner at this early stage of the show, but I do like Bianca &

Nicola but like in the past of CBB I do change my mind about people after A couple of days! I like them twobecause they are the realist IN THAT HOUSE & im all about girl power even tho I’m male!

/ Who I want OUT /
The first person who needs to go out of celebrity big brother on Friday is Austin! Maybe runner up in 2015 but it’s time He went back to Huddersfield, as you can tell I don’t really warm to him.