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Introducing Cem Bayoglu: Fine Art Photographer Extraordinaire

23 Feb Introducing Cem Bayoglu: Fine Art Photographer Extraordinaire

by Dan Bryans || E-Editions


So I was looking for some professional photographer works to use in my house. Normally I scroll through Pinterest or other websites trying to find the right image.

But I found the perfect image!

I found a photographer called Cem Bayoglu, who creates fine art-style photography that looks amazing! So many great mixtures of colour, use of models and textures. I found his website and found out that he’s Turkish, from Izmir, and has multiple series of photographs.

One of his series he did back in 2013 entitled ‘One Billion Suffers’. It told stories across 14 different photographs, each about different cases of violence against women. I’m extremely passionate about this topic, so when I saw that he advocates such a strong anti-misogynist message, I really fell for his work. It was exhibited across Europe too.

The best way to describe his photography? I would say vibrant, alluring and sensual. The kind of photography that fits anywhere, whether it’s in a suburban living room or on the walls of the MOMA. It has a wow-factor, producing the kind of reaction that makes first-time viewers love the work at first sight. You can tell that a lot of effort went into into making these pieces not only unique but accessible, which must’ve taken a lot of preparation.

Not only that, but his series Sinful Colors doesn’t use any major augmentations! It’s all natural, so there’s no airbrushing. I love the idea of not only fine art photography that puts women first, but is also body-positive.

You can find all his works, past and present, on his website

Check out his stuff, you won’t regret it!