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Inside Joanna Forest’s critically acclaimed album that will benefit cancer charity

05 Feb Inside Joanna Forest’s critically acclaimed album that will benefit cancer charity

Joanna Forest is a name that’s about to take the charts by storm, with a single from her album set to be released next month, Forest has already announced how her upcoming music will support a cancer charity.

Her career started at a very early age from her days training at the Italia ContiSchool to her West End debut at just 13 years old. At just 21 years old she found a lump on her breast and her life changed instantly in that moment.


She became one of the youngest women in the UK to be diagnosed with breast cancer. Since that fateful day Joanna has undergone operations, chemotherapy and radiotherapy and thankfully was successfully treated.


This period in her life, however, had a huge impact on her outlook and as a result became one of the first “Boobette” ambassadors for CoppaFeel! a breast cancer charity that campaigns tirelessly to promote breast awareness and a routine of regular checking for early signs and symptoms of the disease. As a Boobette, Joanna visits workplaces, schools, and women’s groups to share her story and to encourage others to check themselves for anything unusual, which could be cancer.

Now Joanna is set to release her debut album ‘Stars Are Rising’ in March 2017 and the first track from the album will be the single ‘How Does It Feel?’. Joanna decided as soon as she had recorded the single that she wanted all the proceeds to go to the charity CoppaFeel! which had such a profound effect on her life. Kris Hallenga, CEO and Founder of CoppaFeel! comments:



“We’re very excited that the fabulous Joanna will be supporting CoppaFeel! with donations from the sale of her album, Jo has been a key supporter of CoppaFeel! over the last few years, and we can’t wait to hear her new single!”



Her debut album “Stars Are Rising” is an exciting collection of classical and classical cross over tracks, which will put this exciting young soprano firmly on the map.