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Inside Drake’s #MoreLife project that has got the world talking

20 Mar Inside Drake’s #MoreLife project that has got the world talking

by Ellie Mooyer

It’s been a long time coming for Drake and his latest piece of magic didn’t disappointment at all, featuring Lionel Richie, Kanye West, Skepta, Quavo and also Giggs – More Life has certainly set a new benchmark as fans on social media have been demanding for more whilst others can’t make up their mind to which is their favourite song on the star studded album !

Some of the standout tracks in the 22 track album included “Ice Melts” feat. Young Thug, “KMT” feat. Giggs, “Portland” feat. Quavo & Travis Scott, “Blem” feat. Lionel Richie & Lil Wayne and another hit for UK fans in particular was “Skepta Interlude” feat. Skepta …

Twitter reacted in a unanimous manner of support towards one of the greatest pieces of art we are likely to experience in 2017 with various users tweeted to show their support #MoreLife became a trending topic for most of the weekend.  

Users on the social networking site tweeted:
“Drake has always been exploring and puttin on great artists from all over the world.Respect. #MoreLife”

Fellow collaborator Skepta tweeted his support saying “Street Team #MoreLife respect to everybody involved. Congratulations @Drake 🌺”

Whilst Cycle Media who continuously celebrate culture tweeted that “#MoreLife is fire. Drake is still the hottest rapper in the game.” ;

My take on the album is very simple – if I could give More Life 6/5 I would because 5 stars doesn’t do it justice at all !

The pure versatile range of Drake is fully put on display. “I switch flow like I switch time zone,” Drake raps on “Gyalchester.” The same is true of his approach to sounds and genres, he effortlessly goes from Hip Hop to Grime to something more tropical and smoothing ! 

What a playlist and what a work of art !