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“I see a lot of myself in Marnie” writes Dean Quinton in #CBB column

26 Aug “I see a lot of myself in Marnie” writes Dean Quinton in #CBB column

Who wins ! You decided
Or do we ?
Tonight sees the live final of CBB commence.
And as always big bro you never let us down, you Devils you.
If you haven’t been watching then you better know yourself little girl !!!
This series we have had it all there’s been tears, tantrums , titties ( marines words not mine ) , tear ups sexual scenes that some my find offensive but yet still complain about , and of course how could we forget BEAR !!!
What did you expect when you chuck a mouthy mob wife in with man and I use that word loosely who thinks its ok waste food on the floor and not his mouth !

It all began so happily just like one of them fairy tales ,The Queen on showbiz yes I mean Biggings
Became head of the house and then was removed quicker than Brexit.
Or how could we forget heavy D , quite quick actually if I hear the word BOOM again anytime soon I may actually cry !
But of course let’s not forget the Showmance , between our very own mr Lewis Bloor and the extremely beautiful Marnie Simpson. Now every house has that couple after 2 days fall madly in love get married and have kids all in time for one of Rene’s pasta dinners.
I personally thought Lewis was going to be a bit of bell ! But I take it back. Lewis and marine quickly became my favourite couple ! Watch out David and Victoria.
They say opposites attract and let me tell you they don’t come much more opposite then these two !
I honestly believe that Marnie has fallen for the charm of an Essex chap, I mean who wouldn’t we have all been there right ladies ?


I see a lot of myself in Marnie , getting drunk defacing plants and running nude through the bedroom . She has not disappointed in the slightest true to her Geordie shore ways she has been a dream to watch !!

Who do I want to win 100% Marnie who do I think will win ? Well if the fix claims are true then we all know It’s going to be Bear. Why is he called bear his not nice and cuddly ! Unless you’ve got a pair knockers bigger than a drake Track , his awful I honestly fear for his sanity ! And as for the xfactor reject let’s not even go there bear babes you can have her !!!

Final 4 I’m calling it now Marnie , Ricky , Bear and Rene
So don’t forget “VOTE MARNIE “,
It’s been a hell of a year big brother I salute you !

Make sure you tune in – Tonight channel 5, 9pm
Oh Emma Willis will be there too ;p

Dean Quinton !