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Horror filmmaker gives back to genre with award scheme

06 Mar Horror filmmaker gives back to genre with award scheme

Filmmaker Emma Dark who has enjoyed success as a model and actress has announced her MMBF Emma Dark Award in partnership with MMBF Trust is back for another year.

Focusing on providing opportunities and funding for horror filmmakers and creatives the scheme offers the winner a variety of perks, which include publicity for their work via the MMBF Trust, a virtual mentoring session with Emma Dark, assistance in developing their film or idea, plus £250 prize money towards their next project or creative endeavour.

Emma an award-winning filmmaker, actress and model, specialising in the horror, sci-fi and fantasy genres is also an alumni of the MMBF Rising Star Award scheme, she told us :
Filmmaking is an art and in some regards an art form that is less supported than others in the UK, particularly when it comes to genres such as horror. Having had recent successes with filmmaking myself, and winning an MMBF Rising Star award earlier in 2015, I believe it’s important to help assist organisations such as the MMBF that support up and coming, and particularly young filmmakers, enabling a new generation of outstanding talent and helping ensure that talent gets the recognition it deserves.”

For more details and to submit your film or idea please see the award page