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HOLLY HENDERSON: We’re heading for a hell of a lot more trouble in 2017

02 Jan HOLLY HENDERSON: We’re heading for a hell of a lot more trouble in 2017

By Holly Henderson

I think it is safe to say we’re heading for a hell of allot more trouble in 2017 than we have seen since 2015, when Europe opened its boarders to middle eastern and African refugees, and the very same governments and the lefties are intent on allowing it to continue, no matter what the cost. Our Countries leaders are so blind to what is really going on, so scared of being called racist, so concerned with being politically correct, they have brought to our shores the Islamic terror faced by the Christian’s over in the Islamic countries where it all originates from.


Islam is not compatible with western civilisation, and somehow acknowledging that has become something of a racist act. The last time I checked you could chose to be apart of an ideology or a religion, but deciding one day you do not want to be black, or you do not want to be white isnt an option. Therefore racism is denied, sorry lefties us normal people reject your stupidity!
Islam is not a race. Islam is a 7th century ideology that tells its followers a woman is only worth half a man, that being gay is punishable by death, that rape is an appropriate form of discipline for your wife, along side beating her and allowing the rape of female slaves. Marriage and sex with minors is also permitted, Infact it’s encouraged.

The removal of a young girls clitirous is also a practice of Islam, woman are not to be encouraged in having sexual desires, they’re only there to please a mans desire.

Woman have zero rights, and they are not respected.

A woman is a slave to her husband, to Islam, and this is clear to see even by her traditional dress.

In recent years we have seen many of these situations across Europe, woman being attacked physically and sexually by Muslim male refugees. New Year’s Eve in Sweden seen 1,200 woman sexually assaulted by Muslim male refugees.

Yet many leftie liberals defend Muslims and their Islam (I wonder if they were gang raped they would change their tune)

This New Year’s Eve anti rape garments were made to protect the woman in cologne from further rapes. I don’t know about anybody else, but I find this absurd, it is clear the men from these areas of the world do not see woman they way we in the west do, they feel it is their right to abuse woman, and we shouldn’t be wearing chastity belts in 2016 to stop men violating our genital areas. These animals should be deported at once.
Many none violent none terrorist Muslims have told news reporters that Muslims are here to take over, that Islam and sharia law will dominate the world.

Obviously not every Muslim is a terrorist, but they do read and follow their Quran, which tells them to fight none believers (not defend, fight) *9.29. Many want sharia law enforced world wide. Basically we will be catapulted back to the dark ages with no rights for females and barbaric forms of punishment legal.

Sharia law is a barbaric collection of beliefs laws and punishments, many I listed earlier in this article.
Isis said 2 years ago, they would flood Europe with their soldiers through the system of immigration, nobody listened, and they kept their word.
The very fact there are Muslim dominated no go zones in European countries tells you all you need to know.