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Highlights from Smart Essex Digital Summit “Public services to benefit”

13 Mar Highlights from Smart Essex Digital Summit “Public services to benefit”

Digital leaders have stated that health and social care providers could see the biggest benefit from public sector digital services when polled at the Smart Essex Digital Summit

The event, held at the BT Tower, brought together leading technology partners to investigate how a digital strategy can improve people’s lives, reshape and streamline public services and drive prosperity.

61% of the attendees strongly agreed that public services can successfully embrace digital to redesign the way they meet the needs of businesses and residents

Commenting on the event, Essex County Council Cabinet Member for Digital Innovation, Councillor Stephen Canning said; “We firmly believe that in order to offer the very best digital services to residents and businesses in Essex, we must have an open discussion with leading technology companies and thought leaders.”

David Wilde, Executive Director and Chief Information Officer, Essex County Council said; “In order to prepare for the challenges of the future, we must ensure that digital plays a central role in the way we deliver public services. Our ambition is for Essex to lead the way in identifying the best use for digital services and how they can support how we live and work.”

The Smart Essex Digital Summit was attended by senior leaders from visionary organisations including BT, Google, Dell, Eurovia, Huawei, Microsoft and Anglia Ruskin University.