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Here is how Chelmsford’s flagship leisure centre will look

25 Jun Here is how Chelmsford’s flagship leisure centre will look

The excitement surrounding the new Riverside leisure complex has just ramped up with the release of a stunning new set of interior designs.

Chelmsford City Council has prioritised this project for investment, which will give residents and visitors a leisure and ice facility unrivalled in Essex and which is expected to serve the city for the next 60 years. The Council is now able to share the latest artist’s impressions showing the inside of the building to the public.

Anyone walking down Victoria Road, in the heart of Essex’s city, will have noticed the steel frame and wooden roof beams of the new 25m swimming pool taking shape, along with the concrete foundations of the pool tank.

With ten lanes, the pool is ideally sized for training and competitions. It will be more flexible, adaptable and accessible, with an adjustable floor that can be set to different depths and a moveable boom to divide it. The pool complex also includes a flume, two teaching and fun pools, and space for 300 spectators. Regular swimmers need not interrupt their schedule, since the existing pools will stay largely open until the new ones are ready to use.

Construction work has also begun on the new health and fitness studios, 120-station gym, soft play area and creche. On entry, customers will be greeted in a light and welcoming reception foyer, while first-floor walkways will connect the new facilities to the existing sports hall and ice rink. Getting ready for your workout and relaxing afterwards will be a breeze with new changing rooms and a large, bright cafe overlooking the river. The entire complex is designed to be easily accessible for customers with disabilities.