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Harry Amelia has her say in explosive column

06 Feb Harry Amelia has her say in explosive column

By Harry Amelia

So, I was asked to be a columnist for Essex TV a few months back , but I have been so busy with work, the gym and my diet, parenting, redecorating, seeing friends and a host of other things that I haven’t had time!Also, I am somebody that cannot do things by halves, its all or nothing. Therefore I can only write about things I truly feel passionate about, and this subject I do. Although I said I was going to keep my opinions to myself as I am worried it will backfire on my own situation, when I have fought so hard to keep things private, I absolutely have to as a mother reach out and show my support to a very beautiful girl in a stressful situation, as I know how hard it can be – and I stand by Stephanie Davis 110%.

I agree with Jeremy on one thing – if he truly believes Stephanie’s boy is not his, then yes, there was nothing he could do until the baby was here. HOWEVER – over the past few months, whilst Steph has been building nursery furniture and attending scans without him, he hasn’t exactly been doing nothing, has he?! He’s seemingly been on a nine-month bender, making an absolute tit of himself in every way and as publicly as possible, whilst Steph has been repeatedly verbally attacked, trolled online and made to feel like shit during the most stressful time of any woman’s life. Saying the baby “can’t be his because Stephanie came on after they split up…” One – why are you making personal details about your ex’s body public without her consent to suit your own agenda, Two – Why are you trying to make out Steph is a slag just because she left your shitty, useless, undeserving, immature ass? And Three – many (unfortunate) women still have regular periods throughout their pregnancy, so that is a really stupid comment all round. Go have a biology lesson, and perhaps whilst you’re at it, someone could teach you How Not To Be An Epic C*nt?

Pictured: Stephanie with ex Jeremy

As for swanning off on holiday, using the feeble excuse of “He booked it months ago” – You’ve known about this baby for a while Jez… He’s been cooking away in Steph’s oven for 3/4 of a year, and the great thing about planes is that the world won’t end if you buy a ticket but then decide you’d rather miss your flight. PRIORITIES. GET SOME.

But the main thing that concerns me with this complete twunt’s weird, immature and attention seeking behaviour is that whilst he’s getting smashed, shagging anything with a pulse and taking fuck knows what, is that not once does it ever seem to cross his mind that his poor son is going to grow up, and wonder why his mum had to do it all alone, and when he does a bit of digging he’s going to see his dad’s antics plastered all over the internet forevermore – that’s the joy of kids… you can’t hide the truth forever, they grow into adults and come to their own decisions. I know I certainly did about my own Dad! I have no doubt in my mind that Steph will do an amazing job about being both parents, but one day that little boy is going to be very angry at all that his Dad put his Mum through, and It goes without saying how protective boys are over their Mums!

Columnist: Harry Amelia

As I sit writing this at 1AM, I’ve been up to check on Hunter twice, and give him a kiss, because as sad as it sounds when it’s past his bedtime I get a little lonely down here beavering away doing my jobs as I miss him!! He is the most amazing, beautiful, clever, little boy who never stops laughing, everyone who meets him says they’ve never met such a happy baby. Steph has all this great stuff to come and it will more than make up for all the unnecessary stress she’s been put through over the past few months… Everyone said the same to me and I never believed it but it is so true!! Revenge is a dish best served cold, and Jeremy will get his comeuppance when his lad grows up and tells him what a complete waste of space he’s been.

My advice for Steph would be to ignore everyone telling her to do this and that, and do whatever she feels is right. Always trust your mummy instincts! When she feels she has gotten to grips with mummy business (you never do I suppose, but it does get easier after the first couple of weeks or so) then I would contact Family Action and arrange a meeting for Jeremy at a contact centre, that way if he doesn’t turn up then she gets an independent report stating so, and he can’t lie to the press etc to make her look bad. It also means he can’t pull the old “She won’t let me see him!” stunt, as she has independent proof she went out of her way to allow him access. Oh, and Dr Brown’s bottles. Its the only way you’ll ever be able to get any sleep! I spent two weeks as a zombie using Tommee Tippee bottles on a colicky baby with severe reflux before I discovered those bad boys.

One day I hope Steph finds a great man, who puts her and her little boy first, treats her like a Princess and is a great male role model for her little boy – but until then, I have no doubt she will absolutely boss this Single Parent shit and be her own Knight In Shining Armour – who needs twatto men anyways, hey?!

Until next time, catch me on social media. I always love hearing from everybody (especially after 7.30pm as I get a bit bored whilst procastinating doing the housework haha) toodle pip!

Harry 🙂 xx