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Harlow Council awards over £130,000 to local voluntary groups

25 Mar Harlow Council awards over £130,000 to local voluntary groups

Harlow Council has awarded over £130,000 in partnership grants to support the work of local voluntary groups in the town.

Back at the end of 2018 the council advertised the opportunity for groups to apply for a partnership grant. A total of 17 bids were received and assessed against criteria. As a result funding has been allocated to the following 10 organisations for the next three years:

Citizens Advice Bureau

Rainbow Services

Young Concern Trust

Age Concern

Martin Roberts Charitable Trust (Foodbank)

Integrated Support Services


Harlow Stroke Support Group


Voluntary Action Epping Forest

In addition the council had also awarded funding every year for the next three years to Community Transport and a one-off grant to support the Linkfest event in the Town Park.

Councillor Eugenie Harvey, Portfolio Holder for Community Wellbeing, said: “We provide grants to help fund the vital work of local charities and voluntary groups who make a huge difference to the lives of different residents, groups and communities in the town. The services provided include support for older residents, young people, people with disabilities, those with health needs and those who are in financial hardship and need somewhere to turn to.

“For some groups having the security of funding for the next three years is real lifeline for them and enables them to plan ahead and find other funding opportunities. All these services are provided locally by the voluntary sector and we are very pleased to work with them. Harlow has a thriving voluntary sector which is something the town should be proud of and which we are proud to continuing supporting.”