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GREG COX: With the whole world in meltdown, has Trump gone too far ?!

29 Jan GREG COX: With the whole world in meltdown, has Trump gone too far ?!

By Greg Cox

We all knew that Donald Trump was going to shake the world up from the moment he decided to run and laid his cards on the table in a supposed bid to ‘Make America Great Again’ what has followed possibly the most controversial US Presidential election has been lies, fear, protests and now a daily dose of executive orders which seem to be achieving no more than inciting racism.

I for one am also alarmed by the Trump campaign’s unmistakable stain of bigotry. I cannot participate in an ordinary debate over policy direction without highlighting our opposition to demonizing people on the basis of their religion, race, or country of origin.

My biggest fear now is that my kids will grow up in a world were they think it’s ok to discriminate against someone based on their religion or where they feel that it’s ok to place certain religions under some form of blanket – I have grown to know some Muslim friends and colleagues over the years and they are one of the most humble and polite people I’ve ever encountered in my life, even I as a Christian don’t feel I’m half the person some of these Muslims are in terms of being patient, hardworking, loving and honest !

Despite his campaign rhetoric about siding with working Americans against economic elites, President Trump’s actual agenda includes policies that would do nothing to reverse near-stagnant wage growth and rising inequality.

I am now really scared of what the Trump administration is going to do next, there is a severe lack of communication from the president and his team on their plans and even the fact that he signed the executive order on the Muslim Ban early on Friday but details were not released until hours later …. This will be an interesting few years ahead and now the Russians are involved anything is possible.