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GREG COX: You really expect ‘Theresa Maybe’ to fix the NHS Crisis ?

07 Jan GREG COX: You really expect ‘Theresa Maybe’ to fix the NHS Crisis ?

By Greg Cox

Well if there one job every newsroom in the UK has this weekend is to try and do everything in their power to keep the looming NHS crisis off the front page – that having being said this leads to propaganda and unearthing of new ‘BREXIT’ findings in the never ending battle whether our undecided premier Theresa May or rather Theresa Maybe as The Economist like to call her will be able to go through with delivering Brexit.

I for one am fed up and ashamed of the failure and lack of progression of the Tories, the only thing they have achieved was giving the British people a chance of a referendum after years and even after delivering this old Etonian posh boy David Cameron said I’ve had enough of this and went back to his opulent lifestyle.

The man supposed to be in charge of the crumbling NHS operation Jeremy Hunt has been accused of “hiding” from the public eye after the British Red Cross was called in to deal with a “humanitarian crisis” in overstretched NHS hospitals. At the time of publication the Health Secretary had issued no comment on the unfolding health service crisis.

Jeremy Corbyn has called on Theresa May to attend the House of Commons on Monday to face urgent questions over the NHS but with her lack of direction since being drafted in to cover the post we will have to see what excuses will come of this – the joke of it is that Jeremy Hunt could still keep his job and I don’t know what sort of wake up call the Conservatives need to act.

Oh well …. So long my fellow Britons, let’s be strong in times like this.