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George Kay writes: “When I say Honey.. you say” “G” “honey” “G” “honey” “G”!!

03 Oct George Kay writes: “When I say Honey.. you say” “G” “honey” “G” “honey” “G”!!

What in the name of match fixing is going on? Is the former Fifa president sepp blatter now plying his trade at the XFactor HQ?? 😂

Who ever is behind the madness that is the XFactor , is either genius or down right ridiculous.. either way XFactor is still the greatest show in the 🌏 .. (in their eyes)🇬🇧🎺🎺🇬🇧

Last nights debacle took us to Hollywood & the stunningly beautiful south of France for the judges houses.. the judges in question were the sassy Sharon & the beautiful goddess that is Nicole.

Right off to Hollywood to find out how Sharon & her special guest Robbie Williams cocked things up for the over 25’s..

@essextv @TheXFactor Relley C up to the mountain you’ve got it

Relley C (after a three mile hike along the side of Sharon’s pool) kicked off proceedings with a great vocal performance. You’re no Leona lewis but your through 👍🏽

@essextv @TheXFactor James drop the sob story, you’re not actually 6yrs old😩

We then had to endure James boring us with tales of he has the reading age of a 6yr old.. poor you!! But it’s not a spelling bee . Listen to the words of the song then sing it back to us.. simple to be honest I’m glad you’re gone you’re just a sympathy seeker! You can sing though 😂😂 (t*t)

@essextv @TheXFactor Paton it’s not the groups sing the ending yourself  😂😂

Paton.. can’t remember what you sang but it was a good performance maybe to much Hollywood for the XFactor though, Robbie & Sharon obviously thought you were pants good bye 👋🏽

@essextv @TheXFactor Samantha think Robbie was concerned about the walk for you 😂

After struggling to make the walk to the judges & trying to tell them that nobody in hull knows you’re on the XFactor?? ( i know the north east is a little backwards, but surely they now have 📺 ).. your effort was worthy of a place in the live finals for me. But I think Sharon didn’t see the entertainment value in you & I have to agree 😩

@essextv @TheXFactor Finland the wild child!! Winner takes it all, why didn’t you sing that last time??    💩 Robbie was  😐

Finland.. you were brought back as a wild child (wild card) you cheated & sang the winner takes it all.. you know the judges love ABBA 😂 week bet Satan nearly popped his cork when he heard that 🙈

@essextv @TheXFactor Janette ordinary world! Very fitting, very ordinary in my 👀 think Robbie is back on the booze.. don’t listen to him 😂

Janette.. sang ordinary world! Very fitting as you come across as very ordinary in my eyes. Don’t get me wrong they’d love you at a geography conference, but sadly I don’t think the XFactor is your bag 👍🏽

@essextv @TheXFactor would love to spend the day in Robbie Williams’s mind, he’s crackers❤️✌️#Xfactor

This guy is amazing.. so talented, funny & doesn’t give a duckling 🐥!! I would love to spend a day walking around his mind.. #legend

@essextv @TheXFactor “my names honey G & im a crap music artist 😂” gangsters paradise❤️❤️

@essextv @TheXFactor honey G  soak it up gangster! Robbie feels your flow yo! #XFactor

“When I say honey.. you say” “g” 🇬🇧🎺🇬🇧🎺 the legend is back! Hit us with gangsters paradise.. Robbie loved you, I love you we feel your flow  yo!! 😂 brilliant 👍🏽

That was the pick of the over25.. for me not a winner amongst them. I hope honey G does her thing & shows us she’s the real deal ❤️.. will reveal all the contestants for the live finals very soon

Over to the south of France
Nicole’s scherzy boys!
Well what an entrance 🙌🏽👏🏽😍😊😍

@TheXFactor @essextv jet ski 🙌🏽 let’s play with Nicole 🙈💯❤️😂

My guilty pleasure (don’t tell the wife) arrives on a jet ski, strips down to her smalls 👙 👀👅 & invites our adolescent hopefuls to play with her!! (Just to clarify.. she meant play on the beach & her jet ski, so drag your mind’s out of the sewer) after some money can’t buy fun, the boys got down to business 🙌🏽

@TheXFactor @essextv Calvin Harris 👊🏾

Calvin Harris is Nicole’s guest judge.. I know your game son, pretending to be her friend?? Call me synical but I saw the way you looked at her
Anyway.. enough of my jealousy 😂😂 the guy is a legend & needs no introduction from a crank like me

@TheXFactor @essextv wild child Ryan  (wild card)  stop dancing like my dad 😂

Ryan.. you gave it your best shot. Great vocals but sh*t dancing.. you dance like my dad 🙈 well deserved wild child (wild card).

@TheXFactor @essextv Niall you’re not a spice girl 😩.. boring spice’re not a spice girl, just like I’m not the fourth member of atomic kitten! I found you creepy! You didn’t cry when they shattered your fetish.. I mean dreams 🙈

@TheXFactor @essextv Freddie yeah you’re good 😊 but you had help from your three mates 😉#XFactor

Freddie.. you look the part & can sing. I’m not completely sold with you, I genuinely hope you prove me wrong 👍🏽

@TheXFactor @essextv nate untouchable mate 🙌🏽 give the shirt back to your dad though 🙈

Nate.. apart from wearing your maths teachers 👚 you were amazing, untouchable in my eyes! I hope you sue them for Match fixing or whatever the competition comes under 😂. On a serious note you deserve a place in the finals.. R.I.P!

@essextv @TheXFactor f*cked that up for Scotland mate..

The Scottish boy with the girly voice?? What a mess that was 🙈 I could hear Calvin’s teeth shatter as you made a show of Scotland 😩.. I hope you recover & all your dreams come true 👍🏽

@TheXFactor @essextv  Christian emotional! Love the shorts mate 👍🏽

Not my cup of char mate, but you gave a good account of yourself. Well done no disgrace in your efforts & great shorts 👍🏽

@essextv @TheXFactor Matt forget about her mate, you’re not Adele. Something happy next time son.. smashed it#XFactor

Here’s my winner.. you even had the sunset to go with your soppy song forget about that tart who broke your heart, you are not Adele..please don’t start singing about some sl*g for attention! You’ve got the looks, the voice & the talent. If the truth be known, Nicole carries a spare pair to change into after every audition you do 😂😂. Go get them 🐯

After some agonising deliberation with her good “friend” mr Harris Nicole’s poor choice for the live’s was revealed..

Meet your XFactor live finalists 🇬🇧🎺🇬🇧🎺👏🏽

unknown-1Sadly I know what you’re all thinking.. (this is going to be shit!) but things could be worse & atleast you’ve got something else to watch, as well as ant & Dec on the run upto Christmas 🎄

Remember never believe what you read & don’t take life too seriously.. nobody has ever survived it 😂

I’ve been George Kay & until the live finals 👋🏽